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  1. i would like to welcome you to this site here. I have a few stories here. You can check them out thanks. 

    I would like to see the video you did of pee. I cant get the video to play for now. 

    1. Rager62


      thank you . I am having problems converting my video to the right format to upload . but I haven't given up yet..  I hope to get it up soon

    2. Rager62


      outside undies pee  . This is mp4 file . I do not know why this does not work . Help . !!!  WGP undies.mp4

  2. Rager62


    Hi .. I am an Adelaide grandfather . I love this site and I love pee . I have been a member here for awhile but a very shy . My desire to share with other locals has forced my hand to reach out to local Adelaide people . I would love to chat with you and then see what happens . I have some home made videos but I am having problems uploading because of the format.. but I am working on it.. my pee one and two.wlmp
  3. Rager62


    hi. there is supposed to be a video . but I cannot upload it. I made a second video which I am also working on uploading . Cannot convert it to the required format .
  4. sitting on the back lawn
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