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    I am here to connect with like minded people, to share stories and perhaps enjoy some experiences together. I’m a pretty normal guy, into sports and music and love hiking in the mountains.
    Looking forward to making some new friends!

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    Desperation and wetting
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    My ex girlfriend (Not into peeing st all) laughing so hard she peed her light blue jeans a little.

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  1. So, after an intensive gym session and a couple of liters of water I just stopped by my office to pick up a few things and will be starting to walk home within the next 30 minutes or so. And I’m going to have beer maybe a cup of tea... and then it’s about 50 minutes of walking. Not feeling too bad at the moment, but let’s see how things go...
  2. I always aim to reduce any harm it might cause others, as that would make me feel guilty. however, when I decide to go for it, I just simply feel excited with an increased heart rate, hoping I get away with it.
  3. Hi! I know the feeling! I have spent years reading forums, keeping It little secret. Today I decided to change that, too. So, we can support each other if you like 😅
  4. My most memorable experience needing to pee so badly I was seriously uncertain I would make it home was as a student. I went out to write some music with a band member and had decided before I left home, that I would attempt to put myself in a potential emergency on my way back home. So I decided to drink some water before leaving and continue throughout the evening, without going to the bathroom. As the evening progressed I did feel the urge, however, I was certain it’s still wasn’t quite strong enough and that my challenge would be too easy. So I had another beer... another glass
  5. Hi everyone, I just signed up and exited to connect with some like minded people. It’s a first for me after many years of keeping it to myself.
  6. Loved this story. Thank you for sharing 🙂
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