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    Bisexual male
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    Watching people pee
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    Sri lanka
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    I have a huge fetish of people in toilets or bathrooms. My mom was a big reason i started it.

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    nonchalant peeing
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    Peeing with mom in public places

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  1. oh wow, a collab! I don't think i could get pics of her peeing lol, its more of a casual thing for her to pee and to do other watersports kinda stuff, not sexual by her side. Thanks for the advice btw.
  2. i actually meant another thing by cycling but you did remind me of them blunder years with the cycle too, lol.
  3. Hey there, hope to share most of my pee encounters here. Most of them includes my mom who is very close with me and had no problem relieving herself infront of me. See ya!
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