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    I am a male living in Belgium.
    I don't know why but I get exited to watch girls who are desperate and have a accident.
    Also pee on purpose turns me on.
    For me is it also fun to do it by myself but sadly I never have the chance to do it.

    Hope to learn a lot from other people who are like minded.

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    I like to see female desperate en losing control in public and being shy
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    wetting in pants on the border of a fountain close by the pub

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  1. ik zou heel graag de pee-k app wel eens willen gebruiken. helaas werkt deze blijkbaar niet in België. Om te registreren heb je een Nederlands telefoon nummer nodig om via SMS een code te kunnen ontvangen om je account te verifiëren.
  2. I see a lot of topics about peeing. now I am wondering if people around here also love to pee there pants. at home or outside or in public on purpose or accident. I love to hold until I can't and have an accident in my pants, but I never get the guts to do it in public. Love to hear your story's and experiences.
  3. Hey welcome, I also like women who wetting their pants. but they are exceptional I guess.
  4. Nights out after some drinks makes everything easier p:
  5. If I know I am just holding to end up peeing in the toilet, than my excitement is much less.
  6. what do you do at the end? Just go to the toilet and relief?
  7. I also like to hold until losing control. but sadly I don't have so many chances to do that.
  8. so corona has also his good sides, now you can work from home and combine it with some fun 😛
  9. Hello Pee fans, I am a guy who is living in Belgium. I like to see female desperation which ends in an accident. But I also like to see pee on purpose. I don't know why it is, but it just turns me on. On the other side I never dare to speak about is in real life because I am shy or scary about it. Hope to find here some like minded people who can understand this and maybe who want to start a chat with me.
  10. Sounds like you having fun at work 😛
  11. Personally I think this is a great idea!! It's also a great investment. if you buy now bitcoin for 100EUR next year it will be 500EUR 😛. Just make sure it is very secure.
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