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  1. Today on my way home I had been drinking all day and all my way home I pulled over at first infront off a lorry who was sat at the wheel it was dark but there lights was on I got out my car walked to the passenger side whipped out my cock and started to piss I could see the lights on my cock iknew he could see my cock grew to a semi I got back in my car and drove away , later on the same night I pulled into a layby well known for swingers/doggers I drove by and pulled in and did the exact same thing I never noticed anyone looking but iknew I had eyes on me my cock was infront off my headlights
  2. I’m male 20 maybe bi curious just wondering who’s around M or F
  3. I’d like to see just out down an ally not up a wall or anything just pee onto the floor middle off a path or walkway
  4. Hi all I’m 20 M from the UK i have done 100s off naughty pees all over whenever and wherever I want but I’m asking if anyone would be interested to see maybe not on this site yet as I don’t have the balls to post but maybe more direct one to one ?
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