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    My girlfriend held mybdick and aimed it at her tits and face while i pissed and gave me a blowjob after i was finished

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  1. I pissed in my sister in laws car 10 or 15 times on the clith seats and in the floor while it was stored at my house during her court ordered extended stay accommodations.
  2. Pee started splashing too bad soo I had to finish on the towel
  3. Pissing on floor in hotel bathroom, pics only couldn't get file size small enough on gif
  4. Peeing while sitting in blind
  5. I piss in the sink in single occupancy bathrooms or while at home it's more convenient with my prince albert otherwise I make a mess if I don't sit or go outside
  6. Video wouldn't upload I have 2 streams since I have a prince albert
  7. I really love peeing in cups too and on myself my prince albert makes me pee all over my balls everytime i use the bathroom its an awesome feeling
  8. My morning piss screenshots from vid. Deleted at users request.
  9. Whats your favorite way/place to pee
  10. What aboit a carpeted fitting room ir tour laundry basket of clothes
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