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  1. 1. watching a woman walking naked around my house and peeing standing streams on a lot of stuff (on a table, in the kitchen into the sink, cabinets and drawers, all around my private workshop also onto my tools). 2. I like to be a bit submissive and a woman peeing all over my body (without face, tasting or drinking), e.g. unwarned during an b2b massage. 3. A woman who pees during sex (riding on me). 4. Watching a woman who pees in forbidden public places like carpeted hallways in flat buildings, sauna, changing rooms, stair cases 5. watching girls during their first funny
  2. Appr. 45 Minutes ago she peed again. I really love her that she is peeing at naughty places, because she knows that I really like peeing girls. Unfortunately she‘s not for peeing games (a dream is to get a golden shower)... However, she had peed in front of my workbench a big puddle. Some pee drops sprayed on some tools and a cable. Also you can see the wet tissues in the middle of her puddle.
  3. And the next one. Unfortunately I haven’t participated and make the pictures approximately 20 minutes after her pee present. The spot is about 1,5m after the door inside our shelter. To avoid smelling I‘ve took some snow over her big spot... It‘s a bit funny - you can guess her footprints at the sides of the puddle.
  4. I asked her if she like do me the favor and pee somewhere. She has agreed to pee in my new workshop.
  5. And she did it again - but only a little spot. I have participated this naughty situation.
  6. Hi all, currently I am working in a another village appr. 500km away from home so that I cannot sleep home. Yesterday evening my wife send me following picture (inside our carport). Can you see the yellow color on the tissue?
  7. Thank you for your very clear words. That’s hundred percent understood. Sorry. My fingers were faster than my brain to think about my question. I have highest respect to all and especially for the female members and will not reduce anybody to objects. Again, big sorry - this will not happen again.
  8. Please, can you take some pictures about your Pee spots and pee drops when you do the next naughty pees?! That will be perfect and mega hot.
  9. Hello, since appr. 2 weeks I am working on our shelter to increase the size of it. Today I have started to build up our racks. This evening my wife has inspected my daily work results. I believe that she was pleased because she gave me an present. Enjoy the big size of the wet puddle and all the pee drops around. One stone has also a small pee lake on the top. What about the girls here? Can you also take a pee in your shelter, garage, carport or workshop and share your pictures? 😘
  10. Hello Alfresco, I can participate while she is peeing. From time to time she takes a puddle for me. Unfortunatelly she has not the same fetish but when I asked her she will do me the favor from time to time.
  11. She did again this afternoon . I love all the drops around the puddle.
  12. I also like all the pee drops an my tools. My wife knows my pee fetish and from time to time she surprise me with a puddle. Unfortunately this is the maximum she will do for me. Did anyone of you have also puddle picture?
  13. Today, we were at the playground with our kids for a couple of hours. After we left sie playground we went home and I have prepared lunch. My wife arrives a few minutes after me the kitchen and informed me, that the had and emergency pee in our shelter. I went outside appr. 10 Minutes later... Please enjoy the pictures.
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