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  1. Hi guys. Sarah again. Time to tell you all some more of my confessions about the fun Barbara and I have had over the years, pissing all over the place. In our mid-40s today but been doing it since our teens., as you know. Quite a popular niche interest in the watersports community is so-called "naughty peeing", with confessions on pee forums from people who love doing this. Best pee forum out there for this today, by the way, is probably peefans.com. Quite a few naughty ladies have posted confessions there and elsewhere about themselves peeing all around in hotel rooms. As you have probably guessed, Barbara and I have fucked up quite a few hotel rooms over the years in this way. It's just so much fun. These days it is harder to get away with due to credit card checks, but when we were younger it was easy to pay up front in cash, and then just leave next morning before the maids did their rounds. There are ways around the credit check system that we use today, but I am not going to go into those boring details. Don't want to give all our legally dubious secrets away. Suffice it to say, such checks have never stopped us. When we were still pretty young - early 20s - and still in pre-internet days, we encountered a confession in an erotic magazine we'd bought by mail order, our interest piqued because of pee content. There was a photo-set depicting a young lady peeing on the bed and on the carpeted floor in what looked like a hotel room, and a confession letter from a husband and wife in America, who'd both deliberately peed on the carpet in a motel room just for the sheer pleasure of it. We decided we wanted to do stuff like this too. So we saved up some cash, and booked an overnight stay in a hotel in a seaside resort. And they let us pay cash up front. We managed to get a room with a single double bed in it. Am certain they thought we were lesbians. Well I suppose we are bi, I guess. Anyway, having booked in, we went down to the bar, downing several pints of lager, before purchasing some wine to take back to our room. We were bursting by the time we got back there, which was all part of the plan. I was immediately drawn to the plush, light blue pile carpet. I decided to fuck it right up by pissing all over it. I stepped out of my smart trousers and panties, kicking them aside, and adopted a semi-squatting position with hands on knees. And started pissing. A loud hiss filled the room as my piss splashed down onto the plush carpet - I really needed to go, lol. A large golden lake formed as I peed faster than the carpet could absorb it. I love that about carpet pissings, the way a full force pee cannot be absorbed fast enough so forms glistening golden puddles which only slowly soak in. By the time I was done, the puddle was rather massive, and I grinned with the realisation of how badly I'd fucked the carpet up. Awesome. Barbara herself had also removed her lower garments and popped a more traditional squat beside the bed, gleefully wrecking another patch of carpet by pissing on it. Time she was done, there was another massive puddle. After that, we cracked open the wine and had fun pissing anywhere and everywhere we felt like. We stood - very unladylike, lol - pissing against the walls and fucking up the wallpaper. We peed all over the en suite bathroom floor and just left it there. We peed in the wardrobe and in the drawers. We threw the bathroom towels down onto the floor in our piss, then stood pissing all over them anyway for good measure. We peed all over the carpet again, by this time naked, and standing with our hands on hips and legs apart, swaying our hips to spray as much of the carpet as possible. We totally fucked it up. In the morning, before leaving, we thought it would be a great idea to squat together on the bed and piss on it. Pretty confident we ruined that mattress, lol. We left before any of this could be discovered , of course. The number of hotel rooms we have fucked up like this over the years is beyond counting, I can tell you. Only last month, dressed as respectable middle aged ladies, we booked into a hotel for the night and spent much of it pissing everywhere - all over the carpet, the bed, the mini sofa, against the walls, in the wardrobe, on the bathroom floor. I guess now that we are both 45 years old we ought to be behaving more respectably, and not pissing all over stuff for fun like little girls. But fuck it, where's the fun in that? We haven't always confined our pissings to our own hotel rooms either. Countless times we have peed on the carpet in hotel corridors. Or on the floor in lifts or stairwells. Once - we were about 30 at the time - we peed all over the carpet in the deserted hotel reception area. It was pretty late, I suppose, lol. Once, after we made the error of doing it to several hotels in the same town in the space of one year, we made it into the local news - anonymously of course. An item appeared on the local news stating that the police were looking for two women who have been "vandalising" hotels in the area for reasons unknown. They described us - not accurately enough that it couldn't fit any number of women, thankfully. They even showed some grainy CCTV footage but it didn't catch us well, so even anyone who knew us would not have been clear it was us. The exact nature of the "vandalising" they wanted us for was never made plain, lol. But we decided to refrain from hotel pissings for about a year after that, and never again in that town. Lesson learned. Never piss around in the same town for two long, and always choose geographically widely separated locations. It is gratifying to know that we are not the only ladies into doing this shit. Since the coming of the internet, we have encountered confessions all over niche locations from ladies into pissing all over the place in hotel rooms, or just about anywhere really. Some do it in their own homes! Though for me there's no fun in fucking up my own stuff. But only a couple of weeks ago, Barbara let me pee on her living room carpet. It's very pleasurable to be fucking up someone else's carpet in this way, when they're right there watching you do it. I've done that a few times at her place over the years - bedroom carpet, and kitchen floor too. She gets off on the fact of another lady brazenly pissing on her carpet or floor right in front of her without giving a fuck. Once, she wanted to watch me piss on her bed! So I did it of course, lol. Anyway, I digress. Have seen vids over the years too featuring ladies pissing everywhere. One lady with a penchant for pissing all over the place in hotel rooms, went by the name of Tam Tam South. One of her best clips features her sitting back on a chair and pissing against the hotel room curtains. You can tell she is enjoying it too. In fact, I'll show you a screenshot from the actual vid..... I love that lady, lol. Anyway, this naturally inspired Barbara and I. We tend to enjoy pissing against the hotel curtains just like that ourselves, now. And yes, only last year - aged 44 - I adopted exactly that pose, sitting back on a chair with legs parted exactly like that, and pissing against the hotel room curtains just like she is doing in that pic. Was terribly good fun. Totally fucked up the curtains of course! Once - it was nine years ago so we would have been 36 - we decided to go for saturation damage on the hotel room bed. We never peed anywhere else but the bed all night, and of course never actually went to bed. We stayed up all night having "fun". And we probably peed on that bed at least 8 times each. Sometimes we squatted, other times we semi-squatted or stood with our legs apart. But we so totally fucked up that bed and mattress it was awesome. The sheets were soaked in their entirety, and the mattress was so utterly ruined that piss was dripping from underneath it onto the carpet beneath, to such an extent that there was a huge wet puddle there. The mattress itself squelched when we stood on it, pee pooling around our feet, lol. Another favourite is the kettle. Some hotels - and most bed and breakfasts where we also have pissing adventures - supply rooms with kettles so that guests can make their own tea or coffee. But we tend to prefer using their kettles for more enjoyable purposes. Because what else would we do with someone else's kettle except piss in it? Isn't that what hotel or B&B kettles are for? We like to think so, lol. In all the years we have been doing stuff like this - the TV news scare notwithstanding - we have never actually been caught. Least not in any sense that involved negative consequences. The closest we came to that was about three years ago, when we were 42. In the early hours of the morning during an overnight hotel stay, Barbara and I were squatting together in one of the corridors, pissing on the carpet. When suddenly the elevator doors at the end of the corridor opened and this semi-drunk young couple in their mid to late 20s stepped out, immediately spotting us. But they just laughed, thinking this sudden unexpected sight was if anything funny. So we carried on pissing anyway as they walked past us giggling. About ten yards beyond us, the female said something about needing to go too, and said with a giggle, "I'm going to go here!" And in no time, there she was, about ten yards away from us, squatting and pissing on the hotel corridor carpet too! Her partner was watching her with a big grin on his face. When she was done, she got up, pulled her jeans back up, and they walked off laughing. Barbara and I had hung around long enough to enjoy the full show, naturally. So that one worked out pretty well. Having been caught in full flow, we ended up being the inspiration for the lady who caught us to piss on the carpet too! So yes, over the years we have fucked up loads of hotel rooms, and corridor carpets. They have been pretty popular venues for our piss vandalism exploits. But I am guessing that we ourselves are a lot less popular with the hotel maids and management than their venues are with us, lol. Mind you, when luxury hotel chains advertise themselves with ads like this, they are surely asking for it........... And yes, that is an actual hotel ad! No kidding! Are they not inviting us to piss on the carpet with ads like that? Hahaha
  2. Wet Carpet magazine

    Wet Carpet magazine is a publication catering to all those interested in girls peeing in naughty places. The following thread are a series of extracts from the readers' confessions pages..... _________________________________________________________________ Dear Wet Carpet Last night I was out in the pub with my boyfriend, sitting behind a table in a corner. I needed to use the loo pretty badly but the queue for the Ladies' was very long. Anyway, having had a bit to drink and feeling a bit naughty, I suggested to my boyfriend that I pee right there under the table. He told me to go ahead, no one was likely to notice, as the alcove we were in was a bit dark. So I shuffled to the front of the seat, took off my panties and pulled the back of my skirt up above my ass and just let loose, pissing all over the pub carpet! The sound was drowned out by all the noise in the pub, fortunately, and no one paid us any attention. But it was a really long pee and it felt so good. When I looked under the table afterwards, the puddle was HUGE!!! I am certainly going to do it again sometime. Clare ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Wet Carpet I am a bisexual girl currently shacked up with another lady called Charlene. We had often enjoyed watching each other pee in the toilet, and sometimes even in the shower. Both of us enjoyed watching each other pee. But one evening, after drinking a couple of bottles of wine between us and feeling pretty tipsy, things went much further. We had already raced upstairs numerous times into the bathroom to watch each other pee in the shower. By the time we had polished off the second bottle I needed to pee again, and told Charlene to come upstairs with me. But she giggled and said "Don't bother. Just piss anywhere!" I was a slightly apprehensive about it and wasn't at all sure about making a mess in her flat somewhere, but she said "I'm not bothered. Just go anywhere, I don't mind. In fact, I'm going to prove it to you. Watch this!" And with that she got up off the sofa, removed her panties (we were both sitting around in our underwear) and walked into the middle of the living room where she squatted and started to piss. I couldn't believe it! There she was peeing all over her own living room carpet right in front of me, laughing at my dumbfounded but excited expression! It was a really long piss as well and she made one hell of a mess. "Your turn next", she said once she'd finished. Emboldened by her naughtiness, I decided that I had to outdo her somehow. So I took hold of her hand and led her into the dining room. Then I got up onto the glass dining room table, squatted in the middle of it and started to piss all over it! Piss eventually started dripping off the side of it onto the floor as I finished my pee. I absolutely loved it. We have done similar things many more times since. Susan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Wet Carpet I am feeling very horny right now and will be off to play with my clit as soon as I have finished this letter. I have just taken off all my clothes, placed them in a heap upon the kitchen floor, and pissed all over them. Then I put them in the washing machine. Great fun! Natascha ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Wet Carpet Today I was caught short in a major clothes store. There were changing rooms but no toilets, and I really needed to go. So I grabbed some clothes off the hangers, shut myself in a changing room, placed the clothes on the seat and squatted in the corner of the room after pulling down my jeans and knickers. And I peed right there on the changing room carpet! Afterwards, I gathered up the clothes, left the changing room and handed the clothes to the nearest assistant, and got out of that store pretty damn quick before anyone found my piss puddle! Sharon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Wet Carpet Last night I had a drunken one night stand with some guy at his place and crashed out in his bed with him. In the middle of the night I woke up badly needing to pee. But I couldn't be bothered to go out to the bathroom, so I just squatted beside his bed and pissed all over his bedroom carpet. The splashing and hissing sounded so loud in the darkened room that I was afraid he would wake up and catch me. But he slept like a baby and never stirred. Next morning I made a quick getaway before he had a chance to find the wet patch. Jane
  3. I thought I'd start a thread on this topic. Who here actually sometimes pays for pee porn? And what do you buy from where? If we share this kind of information we all might learn of some new sources from each other. As for myself. I subscribe to VIPissy and Wet And Pissy. And I often buy naughty peeing porn from various stores on clips4sale. One of my all time favourites there is Leah, though she has made no new material for a long time. One still very active is the English-speaking Russian lady Eva - very sexy accent - found in the Blueiris store. Candy Cane also produces some great hotel carpet pissings, amongst other things. The Peedreams store there is basically where pissbank.com videos can be bought individually without having to subscribe to the site. Phil's Angels and That Pee Girl are also another couple of my favourite naughty peeing clips4sale sites. And there are plenty of others that can be easily found. I also pay for MDH vids but these tend to be streamed rather than actually downloaded into my computer. In the past I have been a subscriber to WDGirls, Glimpseit.com, and Pissbank.com. I have also bought and possess a number of vids from our former members WetFetishKat and MissPiss. How about you guys? And girls? What actual porn do you actually pay for and where?
  4. My favourite British pee porn starlet of all time is probably Frankie Babe, aka Clare Olsen. Here are 20 selected pics of her pissing......
  5. Arranging Meet-Ups

    Does any member or members live in or around the Plymouth UK area?
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