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  1. My favourite British pee porn starlet of all time is probably Frankie Babe, aka Clare Olsen. Here are 20 selected pics of her pissing......
  2. steve25805

    De Praestigiis Angelorum 2

    Hey, write it whichever way works best for you. I'll love it.
  3. steve25805

    Corrupt a wish!

    starting with this one..... I wish I had my own space ship.
  4. It depends on gender - women and children first and all that. Men were much less likely to survive the Titanic. And I only postulated spending a week in Stalingrad. The chances of survival there would have been rather higher of you were only there for a week.
  5. I'll take being tied up and slapped if 'm also going to be pissed on and blowjobbed by you. Would you rather stick your tongue up an elephant's trunk, or lick a gorilla's hairy and sweaty armpit?
  6. steve25805

    De Praestigiis Angelorum 2

    I think you should go with whatever feels right to you. I love the nonchalant pissing wherever the fuck they want and doing it on my carpet idea. Just bear in mind that though I would probably react with astonishment, and disbelief in an "I can't believe my luck" kind of way, maybe even a little tad of embarrassment in the very beginning, I would NOT react with anger or anything but feigned disapproval. I think it might work best of it's a your character meets my character kind of thing. But to be honest, it's your story. Write it in any way that works best for you.
  7. steve25805

    Post number 666

    So to summarise, the Overseers exist throughout and also externally to not only our own universe but all universes in our multiverse? And that reality consists of many more dimensions than the three of space and one of time? And these Overseers are the ones who ultimately triggered the big bang and created the universe? So when religions speak of almighty gods, in their imperfect and corrupted by time ways, are they attempting to speak of Overseers? Is this what they are sensing? Are Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh, etc, just different interpretations of an Overseer, giving this entity recognisable personality traits to make it easier to speak of him, but with these being mere human projections? I have always thought that any kind of entity in any way akin to any kind of supreme being, would be far too complex and above us in mind for us to even understand him with our little brains. And that any "understandings" are likely to be human corruptions projected onto him.
  8. steve25805

    De Praestigiis Angelorum 2

    If I saw a girl pissing in my car like that, I'd enjoy the show. I love the audacity of your characters when the piss, the slightly dark air of power and dominance, and the sense that they are pissing wherever the fuck they like without giving a fuck - and enjoying it. Perhaps in a future story they could meet some guy called Steve and go back to his place, where one of them decides to just piss right there on the living room carpet? Lol, naughty suggestion from me.
  9. Impossible question almost. But having to watch them would be slightly preferable to them watching me, because at least then I am not the one having to perform under embarrassing circumstances. Would you rather be deaf or blind?
  10. What things do you find most annoying with pee porn? Here are some of my pet hates..... Little dribbles, especially after prolonged fake desperation. Guys talking and telling the girl what to do. Shut the fuck up, man! And just let her get on with it and film what happens! Any pee scene where the girl is obviously hating it. Stop-start pees. I just wanna see a continuous flow. I don't think girls normally spend forever stopping and starting. Mind you, who knows? It would certainly explain that lifelong mystery - why the fuck girls take so long in the fucking bathroom! Not keen on slo mo either. And utterly fake orgasmic moans when she pees. Ideally a girl will enjoy peeing a lot. But in reality, never quite that much. That comes afterwards when she maybe brings herself off. Come on guys, for fuck sake, let's have a little more realism. When it comes to the ecstatic moans, less is more during pissing, really dudes! And fucking music, which is almost always stunningly crap but even if it were so fucking great that I'd pay good money to hear it at a concert, that's not what I want from a pee video! If I wanted that I'd buy a fucking music video! I just wanna hear her pissing, guys! __________________
  11. steve25805

    Questions only

    "Do you think I am going to be able to hold it that long?" "Will I have to find somewhere else to pee or risk wetting myself?"
  12. Would you rather be a great artist or a great scientist?
  13. I'd settle for smart but boring. Would rather be intelligent than funny if I had to choose. You can do more good for yourself, your loved ones, wider society, and all you believe in with intelligence than you can with humour. As a natural loner, being popular is not particularly important to me. Having the intelligence to negotiate life without landing in the shite very much does matter though.
  14. Would you rather spend a week with the ancient Romans or the ancient Egyptians?
  15. I think sometimes I am already cursed with uncontrollable loud farts, lol. But that is preferable to being erased from existence.
  16. Well, a while back now when I had a bit of spare money, I paid these two ladies $200 dollars for a custom video of them doing this. This is a screenshot...... That is actually the living room carpet of the lady on the left, MissPiss, aka Liz, who used to be an active forum member. I love the fact that they did this for me. She is kind of enjoying pissing on her own carpet as well. You can tell. And I love that aspect of this..... There is something outrageously erotic to me about a lady who gets off on doing that even in her own home, without giving a fuck about the carpet. And happy to let her friend piss on it too.... Awesome!
  17. I have always had a thing about ladies deliberately pissing all over carpets. It is just so wrong and naughty that it does it for me erotically? There is something very sexual about ladies just pissing wherever without giving a fuck.
  18. If you were in my house, you could piss on each other IN my living room on the carpet. The kind of show dreams are made of, lol
  19. I'd go for Mars. No one else has been there yet and it is intrinsically more interesting, with canyons and extinct volcanoes, ice caps and a thin atmosphere. It also has two small moons. And it would be interesting to view the sun from a much greater distance.
  20. Here is one much closer to my true level, lol....... Would you prefer this lady...... ......to piss on your living room carpet or piss on your bed?
  21. Would you rather be a teleporting astronaut who can travel anywhere in the universe in an instant? Or an Earth-bound time traveller who can instantly travel to any time, past or future?
  22. I would rather die than betray SOMEONE I love. When it comes to SOMETHING, it probably depends upon the nature of the thing and the extent of the betrayal.
  23. When I talk of rats I often mean the two-legged ones that live in the British Conservative Party, lol