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Some PeeFans stats for you:

In December 2014 - a year after the forum's creation - we had our most active month with 5,122 new posts. 

The record for most new members in a month currently stands at 1008.

I want to beat both of these records this month (August 2017), and to do so I need your help:

  • If you currently just read/browse the site, please contribute! We want to hear from you, and you'll get more out of the site by participating.
  • If you already do post, please try to think of some new thread ideas to generate some new discussions. Likewise, don't be afraid to go back and answer some older threads; there are some great topics that have simply fallen down the list over time but could do with being revived
  • Consider ways of promoting the site - posting the link to places where appropriate, reminding people you know to use the site (or recruiting them if they're not already members), etc. Every little helps.
  • Let me know what else you think the site needs, so it can be improved further.

Why should you care about any of this? Well, aside from improving the community and thus meaning a better experience for everyone (and one more people want to use / contribute to), better statistics certainly helps in negotiating advertising deals. The better the advertisement deal, the better funded the site is, meaning more upgrades/growth etc, and less asking (and reliance) for donations! 

Essentially, posting more and promoting the site is in everyone's best interests, and I'd love for August to be a record breaking month. Both of those statistics are extremely tough to beat, but definitely doable with a conscious effort from us all.

Let's do this.


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    It's now August 2nd, and just 5014 5013 to go! ~167 posts a day needed. :15_yum:

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    True but as long as the over all average is higher then the previous year?

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