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Free/Open Peeing

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Guest Wetling
On 5/6/2023 at 2:53 PM, GenericUsername said:

I grew out of it in my early young adult years and finally accepted that I’m really into piss at around 21.

I had such a phase, too, while I had my first boyfriend, but of course it all came back later. The fascination for pee is a part of me, and I feel much more free since I got my own place and accepted who I am. If people want to find it weird, fine. I do nothing bad. 🙂

Maybe it makes a difference how parents react, even if they are not accepting it. Even though I got scolded, I wasn't shamed. They just didn't understand why I had done it when they found something and were all about how it is unsanitary and not okay. But they didn't call me disgusting or made any comments about something being wrong with me. So it was forbidden but didn't make me feel bad for myself.

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My first gf when we got onto the discussion of kids, she was completely set on the idea of free peeing just as she did when she was anywhere (she peed her pants, in dirty clothes, and on the carpet when we were around each other). Me on the other hand, actually sharing this kink with her, wanted there to be some kind of boundaries. I would never let my kid free pee out the gate like that, if at all really. Being older now, I don't think I would allow that in my own home. Maybe more outside, in stores, or other places they could get away with it, but certainly not my place unless they cleaned up after themselves.

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19 hours ago, Bacardi said:

The permanent smell of pee wouldn't be pleasant for me either, and neither would cleaning up after every member of my house after they pee lol. It's a great fantasy no doubt but I wouldn't want it in real life.

At the very least stay hydrated. I love the sight of pee but the smell of a dehydrated pee is distinct and a serious turn-off for me. On top of that (idk about anyone else), it is REALLY hard for me to stay hydrated. I wouldn't want to be caught short taking a dehydrated piss somewhere in my house, on the floor or walls per say, and find that it smells like ass hours later. I live in a fairly humid climate, so I really limit naughty pissing to outside, in the garage, or in the many plants lying around the house.

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4 hours ago, pguy2981 said:

At the very least stay hydrated.

I try my best. I am usually just a water girl but since my period is here I am sugaring myself up and producing pretty yellow pee lol. 

The smell of pee in general is a turn off for me. Very yellow and very fragrant pee isn't fun for me. 

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While I'd love to be able to free pee wherever whenever, that stuff just wouldn't fly around kids. Peeing anywhere has always been a kink thing for me, same with going around naked (I know plenty of people don't necessarily have it associated with kinks, but that's how my brain works). So while I definitely intend to have my fun before me and my boyfriend start a family, that's all going to end when we get our first kid. Involving kids in a kink in general is a hard no. 

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