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Lusting after Someone Forbidden 🤐


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1 hour ago, Bacardi said:

Good afternoon friends!

Some of you that frequent the chat box might already know about this but I ask that you please not disclose any info about who this person is to me beyond what I've written here. I am paranoid and don't want to get them in trouble. #IYKYK

So!!! This is the story of how I came to lust after someone close to me. Someone that I will probably never see again after today. 

I've been kinda flustered all day long. There is a person that maintains a professional relationship with me that I've been spending a lot of time with recently. In the beginning I really didn't care too much for this person as, like I said, we had a professional relationship and I wasn't interested in pursuing anything further with them since we're both married and I also see this person's partner often. 

We're gonna call him: Mr. Feely from Asstouchville (thank you @muffinhuntr)

So Mr. Feely is an old man, and you guys know I like my men old so I was already slightly attracted to him. However, I did notice that he seemed to take a liking to me. 

In our profession I spend a lot of time with him face down, and when we interact he is meant to touch me in a non sexual way. Again, I was never bothered by this, and I never thought his intentions were anything but professional. But, as the time went by I realized things started to change. 

His hands began to go a little lower when massaging me. Little happy and reassuring pats went from my back to my thighs and hips, and he began to spend a lot of time pulling on my thongs when I wore them. These things didnt happen often and i nevee thought anything of it, until i blatently felt him tap my ass! Now, to be clear, i have a fat, jigfly ass. When it gets touched it ripples and moves and i feel it!! There was no mistaking it! 

I liked this. I liked it A LOT. I do not believe this man was harrasing me, and if I did I'm sure if I spoke up he would have stopped. Just wanted to make this perfectly clear before we go forward. 

So, up until that point I was just amused. It was great fun and I never thought much else of it (WE ARE PROFESSIONALS LOL!). But then his partner dropped a bomb on me when I went to go see them.

They, like many couples, had a joking free cheat system, and his free celebrity cheat is a woman that has similar characteristics to me. Like, uniquely similar characteristics. Like, skin tone, hair texture, eye color, etc. Thats when I realized that all of those passes at me was actual flirting, and I might just be his type. 

So, I'm into him. He is likely into me and I found all of this out the week before our last session. I decided that I wanted to go out with a bang! 

Que: lacy cheetah thong and leggings. 

I was so excited to see him, for him to see a thong that I haven't worn in forever (and it fits me so much better than it did last time lol). The second he walked into the room I felt myself blushing under my mask. I hopped up on the table and the second he grabbed the hem of my pants to gain access to my lower back I felt him stop for just a second. I must have stunned him, and I knew it made an impact because I definitely felt a tug and I know he rubbed more lotion into my skin than usual. I'm so happy I had my mask and my hair down cause I just know I had the most devious smile on my face. 

So, we do our thing and when it's time to turn me I was pleasantly surprised when I got a light smack on my ass, and another as he was helping me up. And, not a tap. A SMACK. I was so shocked that all I did was laugh, trying not to make him feel like I didn't like it or make him think I was a threat. It was such great fun, and I'm definitely going to miss him and my various ass touches. 

If you got this far, thanks for reading! Anyone else had anything similar happen to them? 

Such a hot story!

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