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My Piss Fetish

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Welcome! Quite the introduction. I also love everything to do with naughty piss marking. I've only pissed in a fitting room once so far but it was amazing. I soaked a store shirt and left it there hehe >:) Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad another UK pee pal is here 🙂

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Damn, that’s really hot. You should tell us more about your marking at your grandma’s place.  I’ve done a hotel room before, I pissed behind the curtains, on the wall behind the chair and under an ottoman. Wall to wall carpeting by far is my fav thing to piss on. 

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On 10/19/2021 at 5:22 PM, waterspurtsquirt said:


Normally I am just an avid lurker on this site, I usually come here to jerk off but I thought I’d just say a few things I have done. I’m 20, a trans man, and am into all things piss (amidst many other things) My current partner knows about my fetish to a certain extent- watersports and omorashi. But they don’t know that I am insanely into naughty peeing and piss vandalism, as well as vouyerism and exhibitionism, pissing in public. I love the thrill of pissing somewhere you’re not meant to, especially on surfaces like carpet or furniture. I also love doing that as an act of desperation or direct vandalism- or just nonchalantly because you just felt like it or couldn’t be bothered to go the toilet- or maybe you despise using toilets at all! 

Here is a list of naughty pisses I have done:

- Pissed countless times outside, mainly in fields and off tree branches, in my garden, off my steps

-Pissed on my bed a couple of times, pissed on my carpet in my old bedroom, pissed on a cuddly toy I had, as well as several towels

-Often piss my pants when alone or into bundled up clothes. Why go to the bathroom, when I could just use something else as my toilet? 

-I would always piss in the shower, sometimes like to practice power pissing (I also do this outside!)

-pissed everywhere in my grandma’s old house. I’ve used the sofas like a toilet when left there alone, I loved lifting up the seat like a toilet seat and pissing into the sofa, then putting it back again without anyone knowing.

I would also piss on the carpets and blame it on the dog who often wees there too. Ive done it under the bed a lot, as well as all over in a spare room, spraying everything; behind the beds, into pillows, and even in the hard floor wardrobes and all over the clothes- and in drawers with clothes or objects in them. 

There was a downstairs toilet in the garage and I used to piss in her garden and all over the objects in the garage often too. 

-I did a huge piss all in a corner under my uni room’s bed. I got myself off to my piss puddle and wiped and left a tissue there for a few days, it felt amazing. I’ve also used the bed frame as a toilet seat and pissed a little onto the carpet below. I also pissed under the bedside table and all over the shower room, and I pissed on the soft chair and pissed myself sat there. Ive tinkled slightly under the desk while sitting there as well.

One night I came back to my room very high and drunk, and ended up getting myself off while pissing my entire bladder onto the carpet, sat in my own pee. It was embarrassing that I had wet that much, but so fucking relieving.

I’ve also pissed in the fire escape stairwells at my accommodation, as well as in the bins of the toilet facilities and once into a bottle of cleaning liquid. 

I’ve pissed behind a building on campus countless times, and pissed behind a tree on campus when drunk.

-Back home I pissed on the carpet, into a mattress, and underneath a sofa.

-Recently Ive pissed under my bedside table and got to piss myself in front of my partner; we are planning on regularly doing omorashi and watersports, we are going to both piss on each other and drink each other’s piss. 

I desperately (no pun intended…or is it) want to piss in public places more. 
I want to pee all over a hotel room, pissing in drawers and on the bed and into the pillows and just all over the floors, especially the carpet. I want to do a sneaky pee on the carpet in the hallway or the lobby! 
I want to sneak into an empty classroom or office room, choose a corner and treat it as my own personal toilet, pissing on the carpet like I really had to go! 

I want to try pissing in a fitting room or in a store somewhere, like a department store or furniture shop. Like hide and go pee in public!

I love the fantasy of pissing all over someone’s stuff, especially clothes in their wardrobe or in their drawers or on personal belongings. Haven’t tried pissing on a desk or table but I’d like that! 

I also want to piss on a train or bus, either on the seat or on the floor. I’ve pissed on the floor of public toilets before, but nowhere else like that. 
I so want to piss out of a car window or just all over the seats, or desperately start pissing everywhere without control! 

I also love the idea of just pissing wherever you want, going as you’re doing something casual and being nonchalant about it. Something about just letting yourself piss anywhere is so freeing and sexy.

Anyway, those are just a few thoughts, I might post again, who knows! I want to be more brave and a lot more pissy! 


How many public swimming pools have you pissed in?

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