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Birthday Present

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Very hot sweets, can't wait to read more stories from you if you choose to write more

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13 hours ago, speedy3471 said:

Very hot sweets, can't wait to read more stories from you if you choose to write more

I have fun coming up with fantasies with you and hammer 

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On 2/11/2020 at 3:17 AM, Sweets said:

Thank you @gldenwetgoose for editing it for me 😘

No problems - My heart rate has just about calmed down now.....  there's some *special* treats in store in the following chapters...  can't wait!

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On 2/11/2020 at 3:04 AM, Sweets said:

This is a fantasy shared with @HammerheadPilot. This fantasy contains golden showers, drinking pee, solo pee, and very heavy sexual content. 


Chapter 1 

I was sound asleep having a nice dream.  I sleep on my side and stomach with my leg propped up on a pillow.  I felt your hand gently slide across my ass, then gently pressing on my hip, rolling me onto my back.


I felt your tongue on my pussy. You started at the bottom licking your way up to my clit, dipping it in on your way up.  You pushed my legs apart a little more so you could see my pussy better.


I felt myself coming out of my sleep and let out a low moan.  This is both of our favorite way to wake up in the morning. Your circling your tongue around my clit and then gently putting two fingers into my pussy.  Pushing them in nice and deep.  You start sucking on my clit,  I’m about to squirt in more ways then one, I relax and just let go as you push me to the edge.


The first squirt hits you right in on the chin. The rest doesn’t go to waste as I bury my face into the pillow moaning.  


Grabbing your head I push it hard into my pussy as I squirt my cum into your mouth, then as your fingers hit exactly the right spot I give in and start to pee.   


The taste of my concentrated morning pee doesn’t deter you at all. You come up for air, grab my hips and pull me up. Then with your hardened dick in hand you slide it in my pussy. Breathing hard you slam it hard into my wet squirting pussy.  You feel my juices hit your balls and run down your legs.


You reach up and squeeze my tits, pinching my nipples and at the same time ramming your cock hard into my pussy.  I push back against you meeting your thrusts, feeling your dick deep inside my pussy.   Every thrust hitting my g-spot and squirting more juices.  Only a few more hard strokes before you push deeper than ever, holding my hips and groaning loudly as you squirt your load of cum deep inside me.


Exhausted I slump over, my head still spinning.  You gently kiss my cheek and tell me to get some rest, then I hear you going to clean up before heading out for the day.


Today is your birthday, you have some errands to run before meeting with your friend for breakfast and going to do a little fishing.


Chapter 2 

I have a special dinner planned for you but first I drift back off for a couple hours. When I wake up I think over plans for the day. I have some cleaning to do and laundry, then start prepping for dinner.  Time to get up and get ready for the day. 


The first thought that hits me is how badly I need to pee, after all I haven’t peed since we had sex this morning. That gives me an idea for your birthday present. I grab my camera, set it up in the bathroom and press record. As I stand in front of the sink to brush my teeth,  I open my legs, relax and let the pee flow to the floor. Some runs down my leg and makes a nice pool at my feet.


I still had your cum in my pussy and feel it sliding out, mixing into the stream of pee still splashing on the floor.  My stream slows as I finish bushing my teeth.  Then I squat down, pushing a few more squirts of pee out and letting the last of cum slide out right in the middle of my puddle.


Still facing towards the camera I slide my finger over my clit making a few circles then sliding it inside my pussy. I can’t resist sliding it in and out. My pussy feels so good, so wet and warm, slippery with our cum from this morning and from my piss.  Part of my wants to carry on and bring myself to another climax but that can wait. Instead  I pull my finger out and lick all the cum off it. Mmm what a nice taste.


Standing up now I can admire my mess. A huge puddle of pee with your cum right in the middle.  After turning the camera off, time to take a shower. I plan on leaving my mess for you to find later.   

After my shower. I grab my special little dress I bought for you.  It’s a cute little lite pink sun dress, low cut and very short.  I plan on just the dress - no need for panties, bra or shoes. I grab my camera, I’ll be needing with more puddles to make for later.


Chapter 3 

I go out and make a little lunch since I slept thru breakfast. Feeling the cool breeze around my bare legs and pussy feels deliciously naughty. I make sure I have a big glass of water with lunch.  The plan is to drink as much water all day.   After lunch I start my chores.  Getting the kitchen all cleaned up then getting laundry started.  I go and grab our laundry basket, taking it into the laundry room and then the urge to pee hits me. I set the basket down whilst I go grab my camera, set it up and hit record.  I think the laundry basket full of dirty clothes will be my next toilet.


Standing in front of it I get into a high squat, relax and just let it trickle out of my pussy. My piss hits our clothes - one of your shirts at first. I move my pussy around so I can cover more.  It sprays over my jeans and starts to run out of the side of the basket.  My streams starts to trickle down again.  I shake my ass a little to get the last few drops off and stand back up.  What a lovely mess I made all over our clothes and a little tiny puddle on the floor.  I picked up the camera to show you my mess in the basket and then turn it off.   After loading the washer with our piss covered clothes I start  the machine and then onto my next task.  And time to fill up with some more water.


I go about doing some more chores and cleaning. I think I’ve had 3 or 4 glasses of water now. I’ve been trying to see how long I can hold it.  Since it’s getting later in the afternoon now I decide it time to switch to drinking some wine.  I grab a glass and bottle of moscato from the fridge. 


On the back porch I’ve got time to relax for a little while before starting dinner. You will be home in about an hour.  I have every prepped already. I just need to start cooking.


Sitting down is good - my bladder is about to burst and standing in the kitchen would be torture. Sitting down on a chair on the porch I can enjoy the warm sun on my skin and the slight breeze blowing. I lift up my dress feeling my bare ass on the seat.  Taking my first sip of wine a squirt of pee slips out.  I put my hand to my pussy, pressing on my peehole and clamping my thighs together. I don’t want to pee just yet.


Time to set the camera up, switch on and record again. Leaning back I opened my legs, putting my feet up on the arms of the chair and with one hand open my pussy up. With the other hand  I start lightly rubbing my clit.  Oh my pussy is so wet all ready.  I get very horny when I hold my pee.  I dip my finger inside my pussy getting it wet with my juices.  Then start rubbing my clit again in small little circles.  Closing my eyes my mind wanders, fantasising about what I have planned for you later.  I rub a little harder - my clit is getting very sensitive and with pussy juices starting to leak out I feel my orgasm coming on. My bladder is about to burst, but I can't stop now.  It's like a drug, I just have to rub harder and harder. 

Just as I start cumming my body relaxes and I start peeing right in the middle of my orgasm.  I moan deeply and with every contraction of my muscles a strong stream shoots out of my pussy, arching high in the air and hitting the far side of the porch.  I let out a load moan arching my back, still frantically rubbing my clit and I let it all out. I slide my finger down my pussy feeling the pee gushing out of my pussy.  I feeling the hot pee running all over my hand, forcing its way through my fingers. My pee is running over the chair and splattering noisily onto the floor. Finally as it starts to slow down I push my fingers inside my pussy fucking, myself hard as my stream stops but my orgasm hasn’t.  I push two fingers inside my cunt and I feel my juices start running down my ass. I sit there for a minute breathing heavily, enjoying the throbbing of my pussy as my orgasm subsided.   I slide my fingers out of my pussy slick with my cum and I run my middle finger back up to my clit, so very sensitive and giving me a shiver. 

Finally I open my eyes and look at the huge mess I made all over the porch.  A naughty smile comes across my face as I admire my work.  Going to get my glass I notice the mess all over my hand. I can't help but take a taste then make sure to lick and suck all my pussy juices and pee off my hand. With all that water there's no bitterness to my pee at all, delicious. 

Oh, look at the time. I need to quit playing and get to fixing dinner.  There is a small little puddle of pee under my ass.  I picked my dress up so it doesn’t get all wet. Almost forgetting about the camera, I turn it off, grab my wine and head into the kitchen. Walking through my own piss puddle I leaving a trail of footprints and drips to the kitchen.  With dinner started I can open my second bottle of wine and get the table set.  Dinner is almost ready and you should be getting home soon. I almost forgot to leave you your present so I go back to the bathroom where I left my first puddle with your cum in it.  And I put the camera there for you to find. I recorded all my naught pees around the house all day for u to find.  I put a little note on it.


Chapter 4 

I’m putting the final touches on dinner when I hear you car come up the drive.  I hear you come in through the back door smiling, I guess you liked my handy work.   You walk over take me in your arms and give me a big hug. You whisper in my ear “looks like you have been busy today.”   You grab my ass and I reach up and give you a very passionate kiss.  I reach up and touch you cheek and tell you to go get cleaned up, dinner almost ready.  I left you a present in the bathroom. 

You give me another kiss and walk off.  That gives me chance to light the candles around the room and dim the lights. By now you have found my puddle and the camera.  My note says to change out of your clothes - I have something special laid out for you.  Silk boxers and robe to put on.  I notice that you are sporting a nice hard on when you come out to the kitchen, Reaching out I lightly rub your dick through the silk. “I see you found my present”.   You say “which one, the big puddle in the bathroom or the videos.”   I smile, letting go of your penis and tell you to sit and eat before your favorite dinner gets cold.  I pour you a large glass of wine and we sit facing each other to eat. 

I ask you about your day, how was your fishing trip?  You said it was good but you wanted to hear about my day.  I told you seen how my day went.   I slide my foot up your leg until I reached your crotch and run my foot over your hard cock.   “Well I have more planned for you tonight. So finish your dinner.  I have a special dessert planned.”  I pour us another glass of wine then get another bottle.  I had already drunk half of it before you got home.  My head feels slightly fuzzy in a nice way, but nowhere near as nice as my bladder now filling up again.  After we finish dinner I clear the table and tell you I would be back with your dessert.  Strawberries, maraschino cherries (my favorite), pineapple, chocolate and whipped cream.   I set them down on the table.  Then I put one leg over you and sit down on your lap.  I lean forwards, touching my lips to yours, rubbing my pussy against your dick. The silk material feels so good against my naked pussy, I can feel how hard you're getting. 

I whisper in your ear "I haven't peed since before I started getting dinner ready.  My bladder is very full" and feel your dick harden a little more against my pussy. It's true it is full, but I'm not completely desperate yet.  You reach around and squeeze my ass then slide your tongue inside my mouth while we are kissing.  I pull away and slide my ass up on the table, knees slightly apart.  You pull my dress up to find my neatly shaved pussy almost on eye level.  You lean forward to get a taste but I stop you. I haven’t made your dessert yet.   I take one of the strawberries and inserted it inside my pussy. Not all the way in, I leave a little sticking out. Then I dip my finger in the chocolate, drizzling some all over my pussy before letting you suck the last of the chocolate off my finger.  Finally a big squirt of whipped cream right onto my clit, ice cold and feeling so good on my pussy but reminding me how badly I had to pee. 

“Your dessert is ready now, you should get started before I wash it all away. I have had a bit to drink tonight”.  You waste no time diving into your treat, taking great care not to lick my clit.  You save that for last.  You start by licking the chocolate off my thighs getting closer to my pussy.  I feel your tongue starting at the bottom of my pussy working your way up, my bladder screaming out for relief with every touch of your tongue.  You grab the strawberry with your teeth pulling it out of my now wet pussy, biting it in two and offering me half of it. As you bring it up to my lips I lick your fingers clean then take it into my mouth sucking it out of your fingers.  Then back down to work on your dessert there in still a lot of cream to be licked up and my pussy was ready to give you more.   This time I can feel your tongue parting my lips and darting in and out, in and out before the moment I was waiting for - your touch on my clit. 

As you run your tongue straight up and over it, I can't help but let out a low moan and spread my legs further apart.  You make little circles around my clit and I can feel my pussy juices starting leak down my ass onto the table.  You push my knees up against my breasts and start sucking hard on my clit. I can feel you fast, hot breathing on my pussy right in front of your face.   You keep sucking. God I have to pee so bad now.  You know I’ve been holding it. You stick your middle finger inside my wet dripping pussy pressing hard up and forwards to massage my G-spot while you’re still sucking on my clit.  I don’t know whether I squirt pussy cum or a gush of piss but I just lose it. You slide a second finger in my pussy and started fucking me hard and fast. Moaning loudly I grab your head and pull you closer into my pussy.  The whole time you never stop sucking my clit. I beg you to stop and just fuck me. I can't wait a moment longer. 

You finally take your mouth away from my pussy, my cum dripping off your face but you fingers still buried deep inside me.  I touch your face and pull you close so I can kiss you and taste my cum on your lips.  I feel your tongue enter my mouth, playing with mine and start to suck on your tongue, sucking all my juices off. You taste so delicious.  Your fingers still wiggling inside my cunt feel amazing but I still need to pee.   “I need to feel you dick inside me.” I said, but you replied “I have something for your first.” 

You take your fingers out of my pussy, then standing up you drop your robe to the floor and take your dick out of your shorts. I've never seen you so rock hard.  I sit up a little to see what you are doing. You take aim and start to pee, your erection making you jet like a fire hose hitting the front of my dress in the stomach.   A little dribbles out in between my legs on the table.  Then a good stream starts to flow. I aim it right at my tits soaking my pretty new dress. As your pee soaks through the dress it gets more wet and you can see my tits through the material. My nipples are so hard. You aim farther down getting my dress nice and wet then you hit my pussy. Aiming right at my clit. Fuck that sends waves of pleasure through my whole body.  You must of been holding it awhile. You put your hands under my knees, dragging me to the edge of the table and whilst still gushing a heavy stream you thrust your dick hard inside my pussy.  Oh fuck I feel your pee gushing hot inside me and you start fucking me.  Pulling my ass closer to you so you can thrust in deep and hard. You’ve stopped pissing but with every thrust it comes pouring out around your dick. With one hand you start rubbing my clit as you fuck me. 

I can’t control myself, I arch my back and squirt all over your dick and balls.  Screaming out your name to fuck me harder.  I want to switch position so make you pull out, the last of your piss gushes out splattering onto the floor. I get up, take my dress off and order you to lay down on the table.  Then climbing on top of you I ask you to hold your dick upright for me so I can start to slide my pussy down on you, but stop just as the head pushes my lips open.  You ask me “why did you stop, please just fuck me. I want to feel my dick inside your wet pussy again”. 

Just as you finish saying that I start to pee. I'm bursting and I can't wait a moment longer, I don't want to wait a moment longer. I want to push as hard as I can and gush as hard as I can but at the same time I want it to last as long as possible so I hold back, letting it trickle down your dick onto your balls.  Then I slide down completely, filling my pussy up with your cock. Fuck, your dick hits all the right spots in my pussy.  As I sit down I stop peeing then I lift back up, pausing and start to pee again. It squirts out down your dick again then I slam my pussy back down again stopping the flow. Three or four times are as much as I can take before I start riding your dick hard. I lean forward and you start to feel my tits, pinching my nipples as I ride you.  I still have a bladder full so as I com down each time on your dick I push some pee out, driving you wild. You grab my ass and start pushing me down harder on your dick.  "I’m about to cum!" You moan “fuck me hard that's it baby, cum for me, am about to cum, fuck me hard”.  I've reached the point of no return too, my pussy letting loose. I squirt cum and piss at the same time all over your dick and balls. You push hard into my pussy, burying your dick deep inside my pussy and shooting your cum deep inside me.  I keep there deep inside me grinding my pussy down on you feeling my pussy milking all the cum from you. I'm still cumming myself and the last of my pee trickling down your balls.  I collapse on top of you, us both gasping for breath and you wrap your arms around me and kiss me.  “Thank you for the wonderful dessert and birthday present”.

Little did you know I set the camera up and got it all on video to share again later while we were fucking in bed.  

this in my experinces is sex at 100% best 

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