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  1. All simply gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!
  2. I'd say girls too, plus they have the benefit sometimes, wearing skirts etc. It would be harder for a guy to pee in a movie seat, for example.
  3. My wife knows, it has been openly suggested/hinted at. But there is no interest there at all. So we just pretend it's never been brought up. Other than that, just people on these forums. Anonymous fellow enthusiasts
  4. peefan71


    No Glad1 is right there. I was just joking a bit. It is heavily skewed towards men but there are several excellent and active female members. :wink:
  5. peefan71


    Appears to be close to 90:1 ;)
  6. I have to say I love the naughty aspect. ;)
  7. You're drinking the right amount of water, it should be clear and odorless. Admittedly, maybe not as fun for video or as "golden" as many people imagine, but health-wise, definitely good :)
  8. he's a lucky man to have found someone willing to experiment and I'm glad you have enjoyed it so far. A bit jealous, actually. :)
  9. peefan71


    Welcome. As you're already aware, it is a pretty friendly bunch. :)
  10. Gorgeous in every way! nice streams and a very pretty coochie. ;)
  11. I like it because it's the only way I can pee while hard, if I really havve to go.
  12. Not at a urinal but on a bush... place a bunch of us used to hang out ane we jokingly had a "Guy's Bush" and a "Girl's Bush." The girl's was actually a longer walk from the campfire area but behind the only large rock that kind of gave cover. One night I looked over to see a girl standing beside me just spraying away. Turns out she modified all her zippers on her hiking pants to be longer so she could unzip and go standing. She grew up in a culture where women squatting and exposing themselves was very frowned upon so mothers apparently taught their daughters this trick. I was impressed. Never met her again though. :/
  13. Like most replies, I use both in different moods.
  14. peefan71

    "Readers Wives"

    I think if most of us could get our wives or friends to allow us to photograph them, we wouldn't need to be here ;)
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