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  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone have peed very little leaving small stains almost undetected in hotel rooms. On the chair or in the bed for instance? I am not talking about completely trashing the room but just leaving small pee stains for fun?
  2. Happy Birthday
  3. Anyone peed a naughty place at a houseparty before? Everyone have been at a houseparty where there is a lot of people and you might not know the owner of the house that well. Have you then maybe peed somewhere such as the sink, bathroom floor, sofa, bedroom or god knows where? please share your stories
  4. I recently travelled trough south America doing some backpacking and stayed in several hostels of various standards. What I discovered during these stays was that the hygienic is not at its best as people are sharing rooms , bathrooms and so on. Does any one have any expereicne peeing naughty places at these type of hostels while travelling?
  5. Kelly, that was not very nice of you.... I probably depends on what type of seat the car had, was it leather or ordinary seats? It probably wasn't very pleasant for the owner when he noticed and probably difficult to clean the seat aswell. I once had someone peed in my friends car seat when I studied abroad in California, I borrowed a car from a fellow student who went for holiday for some weeks and I used it mainly to get to the beach to surf. However, occasionally some friends (girls) used to get a ride back home from the beach. They usually just wore their bikinis, after a while I started to smell a strange smell in the car and the seat in the back had stains, I never really understood where it came from but when I think back on it I think it was one of the girls peeing in the seat. I wouldn't really notice it if they where wearing bikinis right??
  6. Anyone peed in someones drink before at a party or in the bar?
  7. Anyone peed in someones carseat before ?
  8. I believe everyone have enjoyed their summer and maybe spent some days in their beach and swim outfit. Anyone with some naughty stores about peeing while they wear this? I once heard a story about a woman peeing trough her bikini while taking a taxi home from the beach. It think this was awesome. Myself, I once peed on a sailboat trip on holiday, just peed trough my surfshorts, it dried out quickly.
  9. Lot of good comments here. I must admit I am slightly shocked that some of you girls are this bad. Pauly Peeps for instance, peeing on peoples furniture and carpets? Is this random people you visit at parties or people you know? Have you ever heard anything from these people in the time after? I think its mean of you, but at the same time unbelievable sexy and naughty.
  10. I once discussed with a woman on a chat page where she explained that she used to pee a little at house parties where she was sitting when she was wearing a skirt. She explained she was just peeing a few drops and had never been caught doing it. I think its sounds mean but also very naughty. Is this something you girls have done or is it just a naughty fantasy? Please share your stories if you have one.
  11. Are girls or boys the worst when it comes to peeing naughty mean places? Place your comments and explain why you think it is like this?
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