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  1. This story is so hot I barely made it past Lauren peeing the second time! I cannot wait for more!
  2. I will be posting a series of stories about some fun times my wife, B, and I have had. Since this is the first, I think a proper introduction is in order. B is 5'6" with long dark brown hair that flows to the small of her back. She's very curvy with round hips, thick thighs, and sumptuous size F breasts. She has shining brown eyes and a beautiful olive complexion, with freckles that show slightly in the summer. She has a very pretty face; she rarely uses makeup except for the occasional mascara. The thing about B is that she is very shy and reserved with her body, except for with me
  3. My top (no particular order): Koko Li Sahara Knite Margot (from glimpse, she's in several glimpse videos with Sahara) Dixie Comet Faye (GoldenGirlFaye) Rebekah Dee Clare Olsen (aka Nicki aka Frankie) Pandora Kacie & Natalia from WHP Sammy from HDWetting I'm a huge wetting fan and almost all of these lovely ladies are fantastic wetters
  4. @wetwulf you have completely blown my mind. This story reminds me of the first time I read the original Kiki series, so hot I can't even describe it. As a fan of the original Kiki this leaves me with so many questions! When did Tara become so comfortable licking Cheryl? Was this the heat of the moment or have they been screwing before? How did Cheryl go from lovable kinky mom to being on a pissy bar floor in a four way, taking it from behind from a stranger? And most importantly how did the girls know that Kirbys was a safe space for their per adventures? Really hoping this opens it up f
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