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    I am a genuine guy with a big heart who is urinary incontinent and dependant on nappies I have a huge kink for wet women and I am currently single. I am clean, successful and happy with life, (well appart from winning the lotto). Lol . Anyways, i dont bite so come say hi x

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    Wetting, diapers, pads, licking pissy pussy
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    Having sex with an incontinent woman who was wearing a wet pad. I serviced her lady parts with my tounge while she was having incontinent episodes and peeing as she came and the smell of a slightly stale pee pad and pussy as i made her cum endlessly. Then having sex together and her uncontrollably wetting on me as i uncontrollably wet up and on her. We were laying in our own wet pads and bed for sometime afterwards. . . . Pure heaven. .

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  1. Hi. So i was wondering if the ladies of this forum would ever date a man who has urinary incontinence. I use adult diapers to manage the issue but since being single, I'm finding it really hard to get back on the dating ladder and i wondered if a woman with a pee fetish would enjoy my leaking or would it be a turn off?. I am kinda looking for a different avenue to go down as most of the women i have spoke to are repulsed by my incontinence and i wondered if this would be an option for me or am i flogging a dead horse. I would really appreciate any views or comments that anyone may hav
  2. Thats awesome. I absolutely adore servicing a woman with pissy privates. I have done diaper play with women and gladly serviced them after they have sat in a diaper for a fair while, and when they have been in pissy clothes for hours and enjoyed every minute of it. The partners i have done that with were blown away. Totally blown. I did give an incontinent woman a service too and she was wearing a wet pad in her pants. She couldnt believe it i serviced her in such a state but she enjoyed every god dam stroke of my tounge. I look back and wish i had made her my gf now That smell is so adict
  3. I personally love to lick a womans privates after she has peed. I even like to service a woman after she has been in a wet nappy for a while. Its the most amazing experience for her and me.
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