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    Naughty peeing, peeing anywhere and acting like it’s normal
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    Using an old coat closet to piss in when I needed to go and not feeling like peeing in the toilet

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  1. I’d love to see this! I’m in the midwest too, maybe we can exchange some videos and fantasies 🙂
  2. Hey, I think we’d get along great and would have a lot in common to talk about! Send me a message sometime 🙂
  3. Pull a dresser drawer out and unload in there, then close it back up like nothing out of the ordinary happened!
  4. I had a little more fun out there this morning. I woke up a bit late, deciding that I was gonna hold my morning piss in and drink my coffee before going out to the camper. I felt like cleaning the place up a bit and throwing away a lot of the old linen that was left behind as well as random trash. I started vacuuming the place up, going through the junk in there and throwing it into a big black trash bag. I was thinking of a good way to spray this load of piss this morning but didn't have a spot I really wanted to spray down, sadly. I put all the old sheets onto the little couch and decided th
  5. A few months ago I got a free camper from a close buddy that no longer wanted it on his property. I have a lot of land to store vehicles, so I brought it to my house because why not. Lately I’ve been exercising my peeing in naughty places inside of it before I clean it up and fix it up. It has three old mattresses inside of it that I plan to take to the dump; so naturally I’ve sprayed them down quite a bit. It feels great to whip out my cock when I need to piss so badly, stand back, and just spray them down. No cleanup required afterwards either. Another time I had just positioned my
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