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    I have been watching girls doing wee wees since my teens & have never tired of it!

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    Seeing her wee wee hole fully dialated by her stream of wee.
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    In my late teens, sunbathing on the edge of a clearing by a Hot Pool when a young woman arrived. She traipsed round in the bushes in front of me looking for somewhere private I imaged before arriving just in front of me only a couple of metres away. She peeled off her togs so she was naked, standing facing me before opening her thighs & pushing her hips forward so I got to see right up inside her crack the whole time, including her wee wee hole. She can't have realised I was there because when she finished she wriggled her hips to dislodged the drips, put her togs back on & wandered back into the bushes. I got the biggest stiffy I think I have ever had & had to wank off twice before it went down enough for me to join the rest of my family.

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  1. I did not get involved in pee drinking with my first wife. She was willing enough to go along with me watch her weeing but that was as far as it went. My second never talked much about her previous relationships or sex life. I was used to long build ups with much foreplay, cunnilingus being a favourite but it was my hand which got her started. We had been going out together for about six months & as the time had passed she was more & more eager to make love & especially to take part in our long foreplay. It had just been a normal play time when it suddenly changed.
  2. I have been a Nudist all of my life. In the yearly 70's the Club I was a member of the time relied entirely on rain water for it supply. One season we had a drought & the supply came under severe pressure. One of the women committee members suggested the female Club Members join the males & use the urinal, a stainless steel wall type. It shouldn't have been a big deal because the Ablutions & Toilet facilities had always been unisex as was the case with most of the Nudist Clubs I have ever visited. It caused a huge outcry from both the male club members & the females so was neve
  3. All in all it's just another wee off the wall! http://www.filefactory.com/file/36ompkatqeit/The Wall!.mp4
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