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  1. Growing up we didn't have a regular door on our upstairs bathroom, we had a sliding vinyl curtain and you could hear everything. I listened to many Women Guests piss their brains out over the years from my bedroom next door. My Fav was the Neighbor Lady, her bladder was like Niagara Falls. Besides our toilet she peed behind our dog house one time because she was at our pool and didn't want to go in our bathroom in a wet bathing suit, she didn't know I was standing near the dog house and could see her but she was unaware, you'd think with a one piece suit she'd just pull it to the side but nop
  2. I was staying overnight at a Friends house on a Friday night one time, it was just him and his Mom, his Parents were divorced and he was asleep in his bed and I on the floor, his bedroom was right next to the bathroom. It was around 4:00 in I heard his Mom come out of her bedroom with their dog Maggie, I heard his Mom take the dog down the stairs saying ooooh hurry up Maggie you're not the only one that needs to go. She got downstairs opened the door, that's when I remembered the downstairs toilet is out of Order and the Plumber wouldn't be there until Monday. I heard his Mom a 39 year old sho
  3. Looks don't matter when it comes to peeing, but to be honest I think she's lovely. There's something about British Women peeing, hence why I also love Sneaky Pee video, she reminds me of the Ladies on there, they may not be models by the world's standards but they're so passionate, kinky and can piss harder and stronger than most men
  4. Rick Holt was a Successful Scientist that lived in the Country with his Wife Sara Malden a Writer. Sara's Good Friend and Fellow Writer Jessica Sollani came to visit often, Jessica writes about Supernatural experiences. Rick often hid the fact he was attracted to Jessica, a Beautiful Italian Woman from Brooklyn in her early 40's, average build, brunette with cherry red lips, cute butt and boobs, beautiful top, dress slacks and heels. Rick also hid the fact he had a fetish for pee. It was a two and a half hour drive for Jessica a faithful coffee drinker. Naturally as soon as she arrived she cla
  5. I just watched a movie called a Stalker in the House. In it the Female Lead walks into the bathroom and starts unzipping her jeans, my heart is racing with anticipation, she gets distracted by something for a minute, but then she drops her jeans and sits, now I'm like oh f*ck yeah, but then something happens that happens too many times in movies, the f*cking scene cuts away before she starts going. She could have been going number two but I'd guess she was gonna take a piss. I hate it when they cut away though. I wanna hear some hissing or gushing.
  6. These are fictional but inspired by everyday situations. I read so much about panty wetting and play acting peeing. But my favorite is Women peeing naturally in casual everyday situations. Like a Housewife and Mother coming home from being out shopping and running to the toilet undoing her jeans and getting her ass plonked down on the seat to let out Niagara Falls. A Woman in a sundress out to tea with her Girlfriends and realizes four cups were too much and excuses herself and walks in the Ladies room lifts her sundress slips her panties down and let's out a nice hissy tinkle. A 6
  7. One of my biggest regrets was when I waa a Gas Station Attendant at a self service station, we had a small booth with a window for handing payments, our restroom/storage closet was for Employees only because we kept money in that room. Well one day I forgot to lock the door to the booth and a vehicle with a Uhaul pulled up next to the station, a Young Woman who was in an orange t-shirt, white shirt and flip flops with glasses and a little on the heavy side came barging in with her hands holding her crotch asking for a bathroom and me being the Idiot I am said I'm sorry it's for Employees only
  8. Awesome I prefer stories where a Woman made it to the restroom rather than wetting herself and just taking a power piss in the toilet.
  9. In the film The Hunt, the main female character nonchalantly drops her pants and pees in front of a guy.
  10. Right as the Lockdown began a Friend of mine had to drive from Illinois to her Home in Ohio. She said she traveled mostly backroads to avoid People. It made me realize she probably had to pull over at some point to take a piss. I mean there's probably none to few rest stops on the way, I'm sure she had no choice but to pull over with her legs crossed run into the woods holding her crotch, slide down her panties squat above a bush and let out the flood gates of all the water and coffee she probably was drinking all day. I bet she sighed big time and wiped with some tissue and got back in her c
  11. I worked at a Gas Station many years ago, a small booth self serve kind that's so boxed in you can hear everything in the bathroom and here are three stories of Women desperate to pee, Story 1: I was sitting in the booth and all of the sudden a very curvy Nerdy looking College Age Woman with dirty blonde hair and glasses, in blue shorts and a flower tank top came plowing through the door with her hands up in her crotch saying "Do you have a bathroom I can use, I pointed to it and she ran in and I heard her booty plonk and then I heard Niagra Falls come out of her. It was powerful and las
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