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  1. superpissfan11

    Pee on,or Pee'd on?

    I've done both, mainly with escorts, but I'd have to say I enjoy peeing on girls more. Not to say I don't like them peeing on me! ;)
  2. superpissfan11

    Asian pissing porn sites?

    Anyone know any Asian pissing sites, pay or free? Mostly looking for guy on girl stuff.
  3. superpissfan11

    Pissing DOT Com

    I've got about a dozen of their videos...If people are interested... got to say my favorite is Annie Cruz
  4. Hey everyone, new member here, looking for some real stories of golden shower action. I've done lots myself (both ways and mostly escorts haha) but I'd like to hear what you guys have experienced!
  5. superpissfan11

    Where did you find us?

    New Member here...found you on Google, where else? haha. Just a male, big golden shower fan (both ways) trying to connect with others who love it too!