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  1. All Naomi's clips have been removed. If some of you are interested in buying some clips, tell us which ones, that could help to motivate her. Also if you have some ideas on how to securely sell content with less fees than clips4sale, they are welcome...
  2. Hi all, Yes, all Naomi's clips are gone. She wanted to launch her own store, but she didn't find the time to do it. She isn't really motivated by the poor incomes and the risks. We still have rushes of unpublished contents, but now, I even didn't bother me to bring cameras. No more framing, cameras, light, batteries problem... We both just simply enjoy the moment. Perhaps she will find motivation again... I would like to thank all of those who have been supporting us and all my best wishes to the nice community of Peefans. Shivaz
  3. Thank you for your support! This one is not on clips4sale, just on our private site. PM me your order ID and I will create you a free account!
  4. New clip of Naomi added, emptying her bladder all the day long (3 truly desperate times) on the rural hotel mattress! It was totally soaked on both sides...
  5. Thanks! If you're rich enough, everything is possible :wink:
  6. Back from holidays! With some naughty clips :wink: First one is Naomi peeing on the carpet of the trunk of our rental car. This car has been flooded :biggrin: Available in full HD or 4k in our clips4sale store! http://www.clips4sale.com/97605/16046606
  7. bpb

    Happy Birthday
  8. A new car clip for our store! http://www.clips4sale.com/97605/15776738 In this clip Naomi is driving her car. She stops to pee, from the conductor seat on the steer wheel, dashboard, seat... with a nice stream!After that she drives again with the pee making the steer wheel very slippery!
  9. Hi, ive read, yo got a private page, where can i find it?
  10. Naomi, dressed in a traditional African dress, pees in an elevator in daylight. She is trying to regulate her stream to minimize sound! (private site clip only)
  11. A new car clip, on the passenger seat this time. Naomi wanted to pee in my car! She wears a red dress and no panties (as usual). After finding a quiet place, (not so quiet), she opens her legs and makes a short pee on the seat! http://www.clips4sale.com/97605/15570552
  12. Ok, I see that it could interest some people :) We will make a try and add the soaked items on our private store, the next time that will do a wetting video. Stored in a plastic bag, to keep humidity ;) When you'll buy it, you'll get a voucher to download the video, and I'll send the item the next opened day, where you want. We can also do some custom requests (not too complicated). Send us a image of the kind of item you want to be wetting with your short scenario (position, place...). When it's ready, I'll send you a link to our private store for payment.
  13. One update for our private store only: In this clip Naomi is doing some shopping in an used furniture store... Hum... those ugly sofas seems to be a nice place too pee on. One leg on a sofa, she pees on it, trough her pantyhose! Just after that we flee from this store, living a puddle on sofa and floor... Lot of emotions!
  14. An update for our private site this time! Solange and Naomi simultaneously peeing on hotel chairs!
  15. In this clip Naomi is relieving her bladder on the upholstery textile of the hotel chair. She is standing up in the front of the cameras.. Hotel chair soaking
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