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  1. hey kate, i just saw your uploaded pictures and then i realized that you are only a year older than me and i just want to say: your pictures are really hot :) have you ever considered uploading videos? i would love it because the things you do (peeing in absolutely naughty places) are exactly my fetish :)

  2. peeing on public floors

    i would like to see them :)
  3. peeing on public floors

    haha, would love to see that :biggrin:
  4. damn i just read your information and i love what you are doing :) peeing in naughty places is the best thing a girl can do :)
  5. peeing on public floors

    yeah something like that is pretty damn hot :) thanks for your answer pixie, but i watched almost every floor pissing video on xtube :biggrin: btw. it's great to see that a lot of females like this too :thumbsup:
  6. exchange piss vids

    hey, i (M 18) am searching for a girl/woman who would like to exchange some pee videos with me :) would love to see, if one of you out there would like to do something like this :)
  7. Hey guys and Girls, im searching for Videos of Girls peeing on public floors (Hotel, bathroom, or anything else). If you find vids like this, pls let me know :) thanks