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Question on fiction

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What are the rules when it comes to posting fictional content? What ISNT allowed?

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Only the Admin can say that, but last time I checked, scat and excessively hard BDSM were banned, along with under-age people and animal cruelty. Also blatant offenses toward ethnies and religions are off too

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Bdsm, I really outta look it up, I am some familiar with it 

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BDSM is ok, you just should avoid situations like Hostel from Eli Roth or ReGOREgitated:8_laughing: which are more snuff movies than porn, and are absolutely "disgusting"

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For anything else, BDSM is widely accepted and encouraged.


ps I too love it myself, I am only a bit bothered by the excessive physical and psychological complexity of certain manoeuvres, I prefer when domination, both physically abd psychologically, is deployed in subtle ways, where a single glance command submission. For example, my kind of bdsm (played in the past with a barely legal girl) was to take her out for dinner, paying for an expensive one. Later, I massaged her and whispered tender things to her meanwhile. She already knew I was in the occult, and my actions were intended to produce a very precise sensation:


"Look at how much I can do for you. I can make you happy. I exert the same degree of power over you that a parent or a "god" can exert. I do not need to make you suffer to display my degree of power over you, also make you happy demonstrate how good I am at snucking into your every hole, both of your body, and mind. Never forget that"


Here, this is what bdsm is about, for me. In the following times, she phoned me for every problem she had, and I helped her both through certain peculiar acquantainces of mine, psychological support, and in cases of grave necessity, even rituals. In the end she found a marvellous boyfriend and I allowed her to start a relationship with him and she disappeared from my life, but until that, she was in utter submission to me, completely, not as a game or because she needed to play the part of the slave, but because I hoovered over her like a god, that gave her everything, and never punished her, but Always emanating the power to do so, in a sever way, if needed be.



For what concerns you, Fanny

2 minutes ago, fannywatcher said:

I like that "ballbusting".Does that come under BDSM?

Yes it is a part of it, usually connected to female domination or human immobilization, bondage

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