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Marking My Territory

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This happened back in late 2013. I was dating a childhood friend. I had a key to her place and sometimes I would beat her there. It was about a 45 minute drive from my place to hers. I usually had to take a leak when I got there. 

Me pissing places turns me on so on a few occasions I'd go in her walk in closet, make an opening in a rack of clothes, pull my dick out and relieve myself in a corner of the closet with a long hard stream (If it was a little piss I didn't bother). It felt so good to let that piss out then shake the last few drops, put my meat away and go on about my business. As I'd piss I wouldn't be hard but thick and heavy feeling, like on the way to getting hard. 

She knew of my fetish, she was a drinker and had plenty experiences with pissing in public which kept me turned on with her. She was pissing on her patio to the point it smelled like piss when she opened the patio door. I would clean her patio to keep her pissing out there for me. 

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So, she knew of your fetish, but did she know what you were doing in the closet?

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1 hour ago, Spectacle said:

So, she knew of your fetish, but did she know what you were doing in the closet?

She knew of the fetish but no she didn't know about the territory markings. 

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