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When will people realise human pee isn't actually dirty?

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Most people think when urine comes out, it's very dirty and can kill us all. When will these people realise when pee comes straight out of you, it's very clean. Teachers teach us all the bad stuff about pee but none of the good stuff about it. My teacher back in school thought pee was one of the dirtiest fluids in the world until one of us told her what pee actually was.

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In the bladder it is sterile,however on its way out through the genital system it becomes liable to pick up viruses that may be infecting the urinary tract,such as stds,or basic other infections.Those stds love hiding in your urethra.So if someone urinates upon you that is carrying an std,its possible you could be infected.

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Well I have been peeing in my boyfriend's mouth a few times a week since 2013 and health wise, there's nothing wrong with him. I would not promote golden showers but i would at least explain the real truth if someone talks about it. During that time, people jump off the edge into heavy drugs, fast foods which is simply bad for you.

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