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Hookup Culture

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Present day relationships aren't what they used to be. People cheat on each other so often these days that it has become pretty much expected. Social media, dating apps, hookup culture and decline in marriage rates have created out of control promiscuity among the younger generations in particular. Those who do marry very often get divorced before they are 30. Most of the women that have flirted with me did so while having boyfriends and had no idea why that was cause for concern for me, and I'm talking about grown women in their 20's. I don't like this throw-away attitude toward dating these days and I see it taking society down a dark path. 

Wondering if anyone agrees or not, or your experiences regarding this. Does anyone worry about the potential effects on society in the future? 

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I totally agree, to be honest, I have been married twice, the first time was in the 80's and only lasted a couple of years, I did try to make it work but it just wasn't happening so I moved on. After a few more relationships I married again, we met in the June, and married in November the same year, that was in 1999, we've been married 18 years this year.

I'm not saying it's all been a bed of roses, but the rows have been silly little things, we work through them and sort the issues out, that's what you have to do in any partnership, be it a marriage or a business, you work at it and discuss any problems.The big one for her was watersports, she didn't understand it at all, however she was prepared to try and understand, so we sorted it out. I remember when we first started with it, she wasn't comfortable doing it at home in case things got wet, however doing it outside presented another problem, she wasn't always happy stripping off, so I suggested some sort of outfit.

We started off with a black swimsuit, I suggested a pair of leggings with a hole in the crotch, but she didn't want to wreck a new pair, so I bought her some new ones, to replace a worn pair, we cut a hole in them! Then something for her feet, boots were the answer, but again, she didn't want to piss into decent boots, so she wore an older pair that she didn't really wear for anything else, problem sorted.

I used to work away a lot, she didn't really like being on her own all week, to be honest, after doing it for years I was getting fed up with it too, living out of hotel rooms is a young mans game. I was able to change my job without too many problems, and to be honest we were both a lot happier, it's all about compromise isn't it.

A mate of mine has a son, now to be honest he's really stupid! He was going out with this girl and she was lovely, she was well dressed, polite, and had a decent job. They got a house together and I helped them do it up, the girl was great, she'd offer to help when I was doing things, fetch stuff from the van, clear up as I went on etc, and she always looked good, make up, dressed decent, you know the sort of thing.

Well they had the odd silly row, as you do, trouble was he'd storm off back to his mum,s house every time, like a sulking child, eventually she got fed up of this and left him for somebody else, I can't say I blame her. He's now with this other one, and she's totally different, they lived with her mother, she eventually got fed up with them, so they moved in with his mum and dad, as "we can't afford a place of our own" .she's a trainee nurse, he has a full time job as a driver. The next thing he's gone out and got a car on finance, a fairly fancy newish one, they plan on living with his parents until she qualifies, "then we'll have the money to afford the lifestyle we want".

She never looks smart or tidy, if she's not in her works uniform then she's slopping around in pyjama's and a dressing gown, like something off the Jeremy Kyle show! They were supposed to help around the house, yet when my mate and his wife come home from work, she's always lying on the couch watching tv, "oh I was just about to put dinner in the oven" she usually says, it's usually something that takes ages to cook, a casserole or such like so they get dinner late in the evening, basically she's bone idle. Eventually this lad is going to realise what he had, and lost through being a pratt!

As you say, the young today see everything as disposable, or as someone once said, "they know the price of everything, and the value of nothing"


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Agreed.Im all for fidelity.Ok,a relationship might fall apart for various reasons,but i cannot abide the kind of people you get on these chat shows,that are just shagging anyone they see.If you have a partner,you should nurture them above all others.Otherwise,whats the point?

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