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Peeing like a girl

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Recently i tried to pee using different "girl techniques" like squatting or sitting and pulling the pants down just enough to pee. I got to say, it is pretty difficult to not splash your shoes and pants in the process. Let alone it is far more difficult to go unnoticed because your rear is always exposed. I can imagine that as a girl it is no fun if you really have to go and there are people all around.

So this is my puddle using the sitting technique. You can see the typical splash free areas. Just add some tissue to it...et voilà you got yourself a girl puddle. :8_laughing:


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I sometimes squat down to pee if outside or maybe in a car park stair well.   Three reasons - one is that it makes less splashy noise, the second is that it can be less obvious what I am doing so that if someone saw me from a distance then they wouldn't realise I was peeing and the other is in the hope that the splash pattern left might encourage some girls to pee!  That is probably a false hope but there you go.

I don't usually pull my trousers down though - I either use the fly of my trousers or if I am wearing shorts then I put my dick out of the leg of my shorts.

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I'm not sure if there even is a particular way a girl pees. They seem to have many options, at least as many as men, and can perform most, if not all, as good or even better than them. An informal survey of my hiking partners suggests that when they're able most like to stand. Of course, I have been known to lead by example.

I suppose my anatomy encourages me to pee standing. And, given the opportunity, I try pushing it out. It feels like the right thing to do. So, when I sit or squat, it usually doesn't end well for me (sometimes it doesn't start well, either), and those last dribbles usually make a real mess. Still, I'll do it from time to time, usually out of necessity when I can't afford to get caught, but other times because I thought it was fun. Once, in a crowded parking lot, I dropped to one knee and relieved myself while pretending to tie a shoe. I've slowly leaked into my wet swim shorts while sitting among friends on a beach. During lunch breaks on a hike, I've sat on a rock and peed alongside my date, both of us trying to aim at the same spot. Other times, she sat on top of me. And, there was that time I went seated in a kayak, not wanting to rock the boat. It wasn't easy to pee over the side, one of the very few times I wished I were twelve inches or more.

Still, I'm not really sure if I pee like a girl or if they pee like me. Is there really a way nature intended or does it depend on our situation, usually going how society expects, but sometimes what's most comfortable for us. One beer-fueled night a date challenged me to see how many different positions we could do. Despite giving it my best shot, she beat me. 

As for my favorite ways, most any will do. Just don't expect me to sit on a toilet to pee.


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Here is the result of me peeing squatted down behind a car in a car park.  This was done in order to remain hidden behind the car rather than through desire of wanting to squat like a female.  The car park was in full view of a busy road, so squatting behind the car kept me hidden and allowed me relief.  




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