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Favourite Pee Model?

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I've never been too much into videos, and names of models even less. But there are a few that stuck: I like the MissPiss carpet piss with her friend - the kind of women I was dreaming of when writing Walk Home. Unfortunately, I believe I once came across a #2 from her, a real turn-off for me.

Then there's pissbank's Samantha - looks like she's really into it, but she retired a decade ago after having a kid. My first contact with naughty public peeing...

Not a video (afaik), but I really liked the four girls in a bathtub from pissbitch.com (went offline about 20 years ago). They looked at the same time innocent and having fun!




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On 7/9/2017 at 6:54 AM, F.W said:

The only ones i really know are Rebekah Dee,and Katie Sanger.


image (22).jpg

image (5).jpg

I've never seen Rebecca Dee, but she looks hot! The second photo I can only imagine he is pissing inside her, I hope he is anyway, that is how my mind works!

I think my favourite is Morgan from "Bruce and Morgan". You can tell she has a genuine piss fetish.

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On 5/6/2022 at 1:51 PM, Peeing4fun said:

Old school here- off the top of my head in no order:

Amy, Wendy, Tigerr Benson, Lolly Badcock, Magda Pollack, and Gina Blonde to name a few!  

I only knew Lolly Badcock as a mainstream pornstar back in the day. It was mind blowing when I discovered her amazing pee content, especially the ones where she takes it in her mouth. The fact she looked like she was really into it was a massive turn on too.

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My favourite is Candle Boxx. She has a combination of looks, humour and capacity that is rare. One of her features that I'm particularly drawn to is a cleft that extends well up and is visible from the front. One of her rivals for my vote is Dixie. I found it intriguing when the two girls were in a video together how Candle decided to let go, stood up and seemed to experience a second or two when her bladder was contracting hard and she was really feeling desperate but nothing was coming out even though she'd stopped trying to hold it. When she finally did start it began as a trickle. Dixie, on the other hand, seemed to be holding it in with her hand and went instantly into jetting it out.

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Oh, I love pissing girls so much that I can't even say which one I like better. It's probably impossible to even list them. It's easier for me to say, that for me any pissing model is my favorite. The main thing for me is that she pisses. But if a girl pisses very power, strong, hard and long, makes a loud hissing and releases a huge amount of urine (especially very yellow), making a giant puddle, then she is not just a favorite for me, she is a queen and goddess for me!

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