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... You Can Use & Create Activity Streams

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I am pleased to say PeeFans is at a level where there's so much content posted you could easily miss some greats posts just by browsing the forum the standard way. This is where a very handy feature called 'Activity Streams' comes in.

Firstly, the site activity stream - of everything happening on the site - can be accessed easily from the main navigation bar by pressing 'activity'.

However, hold your mouse over 'activity' and you'll also be able to view unread content, the content specifically you started, and a page called 'my activity streams'. From here, you can create customised feeds of specific content - for example a stream of content from all of the users whose posts you love most. The possibilities are endless, and I encourage you to have a play around with these features for an easier way of managing what you view on this site, so you never miss your favourite content again.

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