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... The Text Under Your Username Is Your Rank

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Under everyone's usernames are some text and dots, also referred to as the forum ranks. The amount of content you post on the site determines the rank displayed, as shown below:


Anyone with the status 'PeeFans royalty' has contributed an incredible 1,500+ posts to the site, so a huge thank you for that!

However, once you reach 'VIP' stage (500 posts), you can customise your rank to whatever you want, providing it isn't misleading or offensive. This can be done from your profile settings, and is the reason some members don't have any of the standard ranks.

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24 minutes ago, Admin said:

Since we have a fair few members who are now PeeFans Royalty, a final tier has been added which unlocks all 10 dots - '10,000 Post Club'. Only 3 forum members currently hold that status.


I cannot decide if it is a challenge or a joke, creating a new level exactly when I though I had conquered the top!

Well, I take it as a challenge, though I never aimed that high, have to admit...

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