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Hi there :)


We are Zim Hunter and PervyPixie.

For the past six months we have uploaded free content to various tube sites and now we are in the process of making a paysite.

We stumbled across this site while searching for pee related content ;)

We're both very much into piss and especiallly piss drinking. I (Zim) am the "pisser" and Pixie is the "pissee" :D ;)

We have A LOT of fetishes so our content is a mixed bunch but pissing is about 30% :)

Take a look at:






Hope you like it ;)

- PervyPixie and Zim Hunter


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I'll vouch for your content... Pixie's an extremely rare talent allowing you to go right down her throat.


I'd love to see a video of her locking her lips around your head and letting go start to finish while she drinks.

Keep up the good work and I'll likely support you in the future.

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Hey you two! I've been loving your free tube vids for a while now and would love to support you. Would you consider doing a paid skype show?

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