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randy Al

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I'm fairly new to this site, not so much to peeing.    I've been into just about any "perversion" ( including but not limited to pee ) as far back as I can remember - in fact even before I was even aware of sexuality -  about 45 - 49 yrs ago.  I am an extrovert - what I like is anything that provides the risk of "being caught" doing things others would consider embarrassing.  In actual fact pretty much nothing will embarrass me, as long as my parents don't find out.   Maybe that isn't true - maybe I can be embarrassed ....  but not ashamed ?  Maybe we'll find out.

Most of my "standards" or limitations are practical. I like wetting, but not too much into messing ( so much to clean up - see - practical !!!! )      I'm bi and have been into a swinging relationship twice.  Also a bit into voyeurism and exhibitionism.

I have identified two limitations - I'm not into pain ( giving or taking ) and I see zero value in actually getting caught doing things that society does not approve of. Obviously that is a standard that has changed over the years.

For sure I like the idea of meeting new friends - either online or in person.


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You should enjoy yourself on this site!

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Hopefully I don't seem stand-off ish.   I don't actually visit this site very often and when I do - I'm still learning how to use it.  I'm not quiet on purpose and I'm definitely not avoiding anyone. ( hah, no pun on "voiding"...  )

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