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Welcome to my first try at writing a story, I'll apologize here for all spelling and grammar mistakes, because I am not an english native speaker.

To be clear, this story was inspired by "Lindsey and Maeby" and some similar stories and became pretty long. Longer than I thought, and it takes a while until it gets to the interesting stuff and if you like the story there will be more parts without the who-is-who-blahblah.

I also have to mention that this story contains an erotic Mother-Daughter relationship for those who aren't into this stuff or have problems with stuff like that.


Jessica, or shorter Jessy, was a 42 year old widow with an 19 year old daughter called Dani. Her husband Patrick had died in a horrible car accident two years before this story took place, but he also left his pretty big house and loads of money for his wife and daughter. This money had come from Patricks' father, who had been a successfull businessman in the 70s but passed away and left his wealth as a heritage for his only child: Patrick.

But enough about Patrick. Although Jessy was pretty wealthy she had had a job as a secretary in a lawyer's office - just that boredom wouldn't kill her - and she had been perfectly happy with working there 20 hours a week. One day, however, when she was at work, her lower back and stomach began to hurt cruelly, as if someone had stuck a knife sideways through her body. On of her coworkers quickly noticed that something was wrong, so he called the ambulance, shortly before Jessy fell unconcious.

A few hours later Jessy woke up in the hospital, sorrounded by two nurses, two doctors and her daughter Dani, every single one of them looking pretty worried.

One of the doctors then started to explain to her, what would change her live from now on: "Hello Ms. Smith, unfortunately I have to tell you, that you are sick. The problem is, that we don't really know what's your problem, but we know the symptoms and how to fight some of them, because there have been similiar cases around the country in the past few years."

"What does that mean?", Jessy asked "How serious is it?"

"Well, this disease or whatever it is, mainly affects your kidney and bladder, the other symptoms can be kept under control by medication and a healthy and in particular stress free lifestyle. This is the biggest problem about this issue: You won't be able to work the next few months or even years. There have been patients where this lasted 2 months, but there are also two women who live since 12+ years with this 'curse'. Luckily your daughter here told us, that you won't have financial problems and furthermore she would like to take your job instead of yourself, but that's not the problem now."

"What are these 'symptoms' you are talking about? And what can I do, or NOT do?", Jessy asked. She has been a bit confused getting all this information and wanted the doctor to become clear.

"The most important thing to do is to avoid stress in any form, unless you want to geat another seizure like the one today. Furthermore you have to drink very, very, very much, preferebly water, to keep your kidneys 'clean'. This and your weakened bladder will force you to use the toilet extremly often. Some patients even started to use diapers. Finally you will have to take some medicine, the nurse will give you a year's supply before you leave the hospital."

"Ok, sounds like I'm not gonna die immediatly... Bad luck for you Dani, you will have to stand your mother a few more years."

"Mum!", Dani said, a bit outraged, "I'm glad you don't have cancer or anything worse..."

"So, how long will I have to stay here, Doc?"

"Your daughter can pick you up tomorrow, then you can also talk ybout your job and everything else, now you'll have to sleep, remember to avoid stress."

"Ok, although I'd rather go home now, but this seizure fucking hurt, I don't want to feel this ever again."

Planning things:

On the next day, Dani picked up her mum from the hospital and eventually they could talk without all the doctors and nurses around. Like the doctor said on the day before, Dani suggested to do her mum's job, while she wasn't able to - if her boss would let her do that. Since Dani said before that she would like to work a while before going to a college this would be a good opportunity. While Dani explained this, her mother thought about the other problem the doctor mentioned: The urge to pee. Jessy always liked the sensation of peeing and even masturbated 2 or 3 times to pee porn. She also remembered reading an article from a magazine called 'Wet Carpet Magazine', where a women seemed to enjoy peeing on the floor at home.

"So what do you think about it?", this question brought her back to reality and she saw that they had almost reached their home.

After hesitating shortly she smiled and answered: "Ok Darling, let's do this, I will have to talk to my boss, but I don't think he'll have any problems with it, since he doesn't need to find a new employee. But you will have to help me with something I've got in mind to make my sickness much more convenient. But first I'll take a shower."

While showering Jessy again thought about the idea she had while in the car: When she had to pee very often and she needed to avoid stress, it would be much simpler if she had a toilet with her, like a diaper. Thinking about it Jessy didn't like the idea of wearing a diaper all the time, so she thought further. Instead of having a toilet with her, she could turn the world - or house - around her into her toilet. Supporting these thoughts she suddenly felt the urge to pee. In normal circumstances she would have finished showering and then go to the toilet, like a 42 year old mother would do. This time - pushed by her thoughts - she decided to just pee in the shower. So she squatted down, aimed towards the drain, spread her legs and started to pee. A nice, clear stream of pee gushed out beneath her landing strip and let Jessy sigh in relief and joy. This joy was new to her. She couldn't believe she starte'd to like pissing in the shower and suddenly her idea became a plan.

When Jessy finally got out of the shower she looked at her well built body and tried to figure out how to talk her daughter into this. She quickly found out that she had absolutely no idea about how she should talk to her daughter about this subject, so she just dried her round butt and her D-cup breasts and was just about to blow-dry her long brown hair when she heard her daughter telling her to hurry up because she needed to pee. So Jessica put some clothes on and let her daughter into the bathroom.

Dani on the other hand rushed in, unbuttoned her jeans and quickly sat down on the toilet just to start a forcefull piss which hit the toilet bowl with a loud hissing noise. When she saw her mother still standing there she immediatly turned red and quietly said: "Sorry mum, I just had to go, I was just about to piss my pants."

After standing there completely baffled, Jessy started to laugh and said: "I was going to talk to you about that toilet problem of mine anyways. This seems to be the perfect opportunity: So, you know about me having to pee all the time in th future..."

"Mum, can this please wait until I'm done, can we talk about this in a few minutes, downstairs in the living room or something like that?"

"Ok honey, let's do this."

"Thank you", with that Dani got up and walked out, so Jessy could finish.

About ten minutes later Jessy came into the living room wearing just a bathrobe and her underwear beneath while Dani was stretching her petite body on the couch, her long red hair flying around freely. She was wearing a white t-shirt and some leggings. When Jessy walked in she got up, fetched a few bottles of water and said: "Remember to drink much water, I'll drink with you, so you maybe feel better and it's healthy anyway. So, what were you going to say previously?"

So Jessy explained her idea to her daughter, that she would like to turn the house into a giant tilet, where she could pee wherever she was, whatever she was doing, so it would be more convenient for her to live there. Finally she also admitted, that she has been sexually pretty excited about this topic since the shower and told her daughter about her naughty shower piss, since they had a pretty close relationship and there wouldn't be any secrets about it after this discussion, she had no problem with telling Dani about it.

Dani looked excited and worried at the same time, then she said: "Ok, fine, it seems it's necessary to turn this house into a toilet. But how do you want to do that? And what about visitors?"

"What visitors? The only person who comes here besides us is your friend Kim, you two are so close you can tell her about it. The other question isn't as simple to answer, but it isn't too hard either. The kitchen and the bathroom are tiled and there is a drain in the middle of the room, so there's no problem. Every other room is carpeted, and I thought I could hire somone who comes every week or two and deep clean the carpet with one of these machines. Since we are both drinking lots of water, there won't be much smell, at least not in two weeks. The only thing to replace is the couch, we'll need a waterproof one."

"We are BOTH drinking lots of water? You want me to piss on the floor too?"

"I don't force you, but when I am doing it out of convenience, why wouldn't you do?"

"Ok, thats logic, I think I'm not used to this situation yet. Thinking about it, i like the idea of not having to get up every now and then while watching TV. You know how small my bladder is."

"How could you be used to this situation? I'm not used to it myself, but I'm really glad you are so open about this. What if we go and buy a new couch tomorrow morning? I'll talk to my boss about your job next week, I've already got an appointment."

"Sounds good! Now let's watch this movie."

Getting serious:

15 minutes into the film Jessy suddenly sighed and got up, "Whats the matter?", Dani asked. While taking off her bathrobe Jessy answered "I have to pee, so I'm starting to be convenient.", with that said she continued to undress and took her bra off. "Mum! What are you doing, why are you getting naked?", Dani asked, baffled about her mothers' behaviour. "I don't like to wear a bra, I don't know anyone who likes this, you're an adult and I'm going to pee in front of you, so why keep the secret of my boobs, when I just can get naked and it's done? If you want, you can join me, but you can also take your time."

While talking Jessy finished undressing herself by taking of her panties and squatted down in front of the couch. In unbelief Dani watched her mother squatting on the living room carpet about to pee on the floor. Then with a hissing noise Jessy started to pee. For the first time Dani saw another womens' pussy while pissing and it gave her a strange vibe. Dani realize she just got aroused by seeing her mother pissing, but it wasn't the fact that her mother was pissing, no, the idea to just pee where you are aroused her and she couldn't wait to try it out herself. When her mum finished peeing and just sat back on the couch if it were nothing special to just get naked and piss on the floor, Dani herself felt the urge to pee. So she said: "Ok, I'll give it a try too, you convinced me.", stood up pulled her leggings and panties down to her knees and got into a high squat position right over her mothers giant puddle. Then she let loose. Her mother quietly watched when Dani sent a torrent of piss down to the floor and Dani herself felt great. It was the best feeling she ever had. After a minute of pissing on the floor the last drops dribbled out her bald pussy and she pulled her pants back up and sat down.

Jessy noticed her daughter getting nervous a few minutes later so she asked her what the matter was and Dani answered: "Peeing on the floor was a great sensation, I'm a bit ashamed of feeling like that, especially in front of you."

"Don't worry, I like it too", Jessy said smiling.

THE END (for now)

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Great story, Pissfire. I liked it a lot. And there were barely any spelling or grammar mistakes. You do in fact write very well indeed for a non-native speaker for whom English is not your first language. Would love to read more. :thumbsup:

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Definitely an excellent first story Pissfire. A bit different to most, which is good, showing originality. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

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