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Hub Don des

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For those of you using this hub, it will be closing down on 07/04/2015.

A new operator has started new hub, log onto hub don des for info on how to connect.

Hub don des user names / passwords will not work.

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Thanks for letting us know, but any idea why?

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No ......

Couple of weeks ago a message just popped up asking if anyone wanted to run it. At least we now have a new one in place.

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Yes, I am sorry to tell you, that my hub will be dead tomorrow, but do not panic!!

A new new hub has taken over, and is running now, so just go to:


and ask for a password in the registration section, then nearly everything is as normal.

I could not affort running the hub any longer after 12-13 years, and I must admit,

that I personal am very tired of porn/watersport :wacky:.

Hope you all understand, and I wish you all a good yellow future :)

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All the best Don_Des, got some great stuff from you over the years. Truly sorry to see you go.

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