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Creative Uses for Pee During Sex

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My wife and I have been married 15 years, and have a fairly normal, if vanilla, sex life. She's not super into sex, and not into pee, but does what she can to keep me satisfied, including playing along for occasional pee-related stuff. 

I've written about it here in the past, such as here:

One of the ways I've recently incorporated pee into our sex life is to find some "creative" uses or applications for it.

One example is that if she's on her period, I sometimes pee into her vagina before (or during) sex to sort of "clean things out" before we do it. It actually works surprisingly well. I insert, blast my water jet, pull out, and whatever might be in there comes out onto the towel. She rolls her eyes a little, but doesn't mind. And then we can do it, as we normally would, even if she's on her period.

Another "creative" application is that I sometimes pee during sex to use it as lube. For example, I might pee a squirt or two to help get it in if things are tight at first. This past Sunday, I was fingering her from behind, while she was playing in the front. She was getting close, so I started gently rubbing her anus, as I often do when she gets close (which she likes). I asked if it was ok for me to pee on her butthole to lube things up a little. She said yes. So I peed a good squirt right onto it. The pee dripped down a little into her vagina also, which helped me keep going with my two fingers. Either the squirt of pee directly onto her butthole, or the extra lube for my fingers seemed to have worked, because once I did it, she came almost immediately, and seemed to cum really hard. 

Does anyone else do either of these things? To me they seem like no-brainers, but I never seem to see or hear anything about these "methods."

Does anyone else do anything creative with pee during sex? I'd be interested to hear others' stories.


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I’ve used previous girlfriends pee to soak pussy and dick during sex. We’ve stopped during the foreplay and sex to rub her pee against us many times. And I’ve peed on her pussy a whole day and she on my dick and then in the evening we had sex. I’ve also mixed pee with lube to play with. My current GF is not into pee. She can do it on me but that’s it. Usually she just pees on me during foreplay if I ask her to but I know she’s not into it so I usually don’t ask her.

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Not exactly pee-related, but a friend of mine from high school taught me douching when your period starts tapering off will flush out the residual and essentially end it a few days early. So it makes sense that peeing in her would have the same effect.

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10 minutes ago, peeslut420 said:

Not exactly pee-related, but a friend of mine from high school taught me douching when your period starts tapering off will flush out the residual and essentially end it a few days early. So it makes sense that peeing in her would have the same effect.

Thank you, yes, same basic idea. That's kind of what I was thinking of when I first did it.

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Oh! I forgot another one - pee as a cleaning agent. 

As I mentioned above, my wife likes when I gently rub her butthole once she's getting close to orgasm. So, usually before sex, she'll wipe it so it's clean. 

She usually pees before sex, wipes front, wipes back, then we'll do our thing. But what I recently noticed, is that she wipes her front and back with the same piece of toilet paper. In other words, she uses her (slightly wet) toilet paper to better clean her bum. After 15 years of marriage, I seriously just noticed this. I don't know why, exactly, but when I noticed this, I found it incredibly hot. Maybe just how she was no nonchalant about it. 

I asked her if she had always done that, and she said "I don't know, yeah, I guess so." I asked "Is it a matter of simply conserving toilet paper, or do you find that the TP being slightly wet helps better clean your bum?" And she said "I don't know, I guess maybe a little of both?"

So now I'm curious about this as well. Is this common? Do any of you also do this?

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Just wanted to come here to say that the wifey and I have done this (used pee as lube) again (a few times) since my original post a month ago. 

The last two or three times we've had sex I have peed a little onto her pussy/clit/butthole area to lube things up prior to penetration.

The most recent time she was laying on her back, and I was fingering her while she was playing with her clit. She commented that things were getting a little dry. I said "Do you want me to pee a little?" She said "I don't care, sure."

So I grabbed the two sex towels, placed them under her butt, and spread her legs. I asked "Can you spread your lips open?" She did. I positioned my rock-hard penis an inch or so away from her vaginal opening, and let out a little spurt of clear pee (I drink a lot of water). I aimed another little squirt at her butthole.

I slid a finger into her, then two. With my other hand I rubbed her butthole, and she resumed rubbing her clit area, and within a minute came really hard. Then I put my penis in and came within 4 or 5 thrusts. 

Those that have read my previous posts know my wife is not into pee - at least not as a kink like we are. But am I crazy to think that she might be getting into it, at least a little? She hasn't asked for it specifically, but she seems to cum hard everytime I incorporate pee into our sex life.

Am I just reading into it and projecting my kink onto her?

Is it possible that her saying "It's getting a little dry down there" was her subtle way of asking me to pee on her privates?

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