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Submissive Destructive Piss Lover

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19 hours ago, Tman27 said:

What do you enjoy most about someone else peeing on your carpet or in your car. Is it the smell or just seeing the stain and puddle itself someone else made on your things 

I just like seeing guys non chalantly so what they want with my stuff 🙂 I like watching them piss all over knowing I have to clean it up and that it’s not their problem 😛

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On 8/29/2023 at 9:23 PM, carpetpisslover said:

Nothing excites me more than watching a guy nonchalantly just whip out his dick and piss where it’ll stain and leave a mark. 

I’ve paid good friends to soak my carpet, the interior of my car whether on the carpet or all over the upholstered seats (my old car was pissed in over 10 times by 4 different guys) I’ve had friends soak the carpet at their family’s house, piss on stuff at work, and even take some curtains from a neighbor’s truck and soak them. 

I’ve pissed in my friend’s car before (anyone remember xtube? Used to post there!), in his shoes one time, and used to soak my old car all the time, and all over my own carpet.

My dream is to one day be with a man that’s just very nonchalant about pissing where he wants and acts like it truly is just second nature. Watching TV to have casually whip it out and make a puddle on the carpet; wake up, roll over, and yet another puddle on the carpet (username checks out right??), in the car just soaking the floor as we drive.


Practical? Nah. But damn you pissers make me want it even more! 

Are you all more dominant with your pissing? Or more submissive? 

Fuck man, that sounds hot as hell.  I wish I could be that guy who just pisses anywhere like its second nature.  You pay people to piss in your place?  Tell me about that, sounds hot as shit.

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On 11/13/2023 at 7:26 PM, TylerHasFun said:

I got a story of you dude I think you'll like.  Back in college.  Me and this guy Danny were econ partners for some project on I don't remember.  I was 20 at the time, he's probably not much older.  He is very gay and I know he likes me.  but he doesn't know if I'm gay.  People can't really tell when they see me,  I usually wear hats, camo pants and boots.  We spend afternoons in the library working.  One evening, he were walking  back to the parking lot and I tell him I gotta piss, so I walk over to one of the building and start to piss.  He's watching but trying not to watch.  That must have did something for him cause the next time we met, he invited me to come over to his apartment to finish the project and he had bought some beers.  So I go over there. Nice apartment, well put together, very fancy.  We're drinking, he brings up me pissing outside and I'm like yeah I do that some times.  We talk about something else, but he keeps bringing it back to it.  He finally says something like I bet your piss smells real bad.  I know where this is going, so I say to him, I can show you if you really want man.  He's all in.  I'm bursting at this point, so I stand up and I start to piss.  First the kitchen floor, then his countertops, then I walk into this living room, get the couch a little bit, his glass table, his carpet.  As I'm pissing Im like are you sure about this?  He says yeah.  So I finish up walking towards his hallway closet, open it and piss on his jackets.  I laugh and say something for you to remember me by.  I'm getting hard at this point, and he notices it.  I tell him its ok, get down and kiss it.  So he's kneeling in my puddle, he starts kissing it a bunch of times.  And he ends up blowing me and 10 minutes later I'm done.  I thank him for the beers and I head out.  He tried to get me to stay but I said I had shit to do.  And I left him, in all that piss.  

Next time I saw him in class, he'd smile at me.  I think I made this man's life a little happier.  

Holy shit dude!  You are incredible.  How the fuck did you get this confident to do this stuff all the time? I've read a bunch of your posts. God you are such an alpha

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