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Hiking holidays in my 20s

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2 hours ago, Tman27 said:

I’m sure you didn’t mind enjoying that with them either! Cool of them to indulge and enjoy aswell 

I loved it!  We all encouraged each other... they obviously got off on it too

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On 5/13/2023 at 6:08 AM, Adidas pisser said:

I used to love going on camping and hiking holidays with 3 of my str8 mates back in my 20s when I was single...

2 of them were just as into public pissing as I am...

They would piss anywhere once we'd all had a few 🍻 and sometimes before too...

So I'd see them piss, and join in, in lots places... I can remember them pissing along the trails, off cliffs, off bridges, in pub beer gardens, under the table in a pub, in front gardens, in a country house garden, all around the campsites, onto disposable barbecues, onto other tents... Great times 💛

Ah sadly I managed to do that only once... but it was a great time, I hope to do it more in the future and same goes to you 😄

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hiking and camping is great for outdoor peeing. Especially when you camp at more natural campsites far away from the toilets or in peoples gardens. 

I have often had someone with whom I camped in the garden say that he had no problem at all if I peed in the garden

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