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Naughty piss in Manga

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 love the competitiveness ill give you 30 points for everything but going forward just images are zero points needs a full story with the images good job
















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A couple of Staff points to note going forwards:

Site Rule 2 applies equally to drawn art, just as it does to photos / video:  Images or videos depicting anyone under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited.

Now we understand that Manga typically features female characters as having very young looking faces, making it difficult to draw a line between depictions of children and depictions of adults in a cosplay setting.

It's difficult for the user, and difficult for us as staff to draw a line.   We have removed a number of pictures where the subject appears to depict a child (school uniform, child's toy setting etc) and similarly we have allowed some images to remain where the depicted subject clearly has adult features.

Please help us by considering carefully the intent behind the image.   We exist in a world which judges us by the countries in which we operate, and we as the Peefans community very much want this site to be allowed to keep operating.


Also, we ask that images are posted in groups (eg. up to 8-10 images in a post) rather than 10 separate posts.

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Sorry I just posted what I have for everybody. Never known it is pee-contest...  pictures in my  posts were mixed with pictures of someothers... after editing and aggregation into bigger groups.no matter for me, but perhaps points lost by other competitors...  happy to share mine

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