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Naughty piss in Manga

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Good job sman you get 9 points for her being inside on the floor but you missed it being her idea to pee( the floor in your case)what I got from this was a desperate accident and not her intention to piss on the floor like in my example  

4 points for the cup sene 

5 for human urinal

total points 18

all in all great suggestion 😊

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Good finds jukijd although she was inside it was in a cup and not in a puddle  like in my example but I loved that she had no hesitation to try and pee on the floor like in the example so you’re cup sene gets 4 1/2 points 

the second one was all outdoor senes however The patio is still technically outside and inside 9/12 

3 points for the pee shoot out never seen that trope made me laugh 

And 1 extra point for the hand peeing sene


total points 17 points 

soo close as of right now your in second place only by 1 😣

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Fukijd another nice suggestion this time u get 2.5 for the missed the toilet a little Sene a 10 for the fumbled bottle 4 points for the bathroom sene( looks like it is out a widow and 9.5 for the wet her self sene 

all together 16 points + your 17 points brings you up to🥁🥁🥁

🎉33points🎉bringing you in the lead

is sman going to let his pride be shattered and lose his first place or is a new character going to beat them all 😁

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To the Editor...

I find it very strange approach to combine somebodie's posts together. All you achiving is repeating pictures, and combining together thematicaly not connected pictures. How people are to vote? Is it 2likes and 4 dislikes = likes always? Never mind the ethics of that... Are we fighting for posting scores? It is not the first time my pictures are moved and then deleted.

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