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1 hour ago, Baby_ennie said:

I lost at monopoly though...

[pull card from Chance] “You are assessed for bathroom-cleaning repairs” OH GOD DAMN IT

1 hour ago, Baby_ennie said:

sat on the toilet and turned on my phone, not a very clean habit i know

Yeah, gross, I’d never do that #blatantlies #nottrue #dothisallthetime

If it’d been a public bathroom, especially one that was dirty already, you could’ve just walked away leaving your piss for everyone else to deal with 😈

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  • 1 month later...

Baby_ennie, Thank you for sharing your story. You said “I was sitting with my legs spread apart too much so my pee angled up and sprayed off the edge of the toilet!” Wow, I did not realize that the spreading of a woman’s legs when sitting on a toilet would effect the pee stream direction. This adds to my wishing to be able to feel a female or multiple females when sitting on a toilet seat. This sure adds to my curiosity of better yet wanting to feel women’ pee because I am totally blind.

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