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What elements makes a great pee video?

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A great video, or picture, for that matter, shows the "AFTERMATH" (Thank you, Puddyls!) of the pissing action depicted. This is a personal preference, or special kink, of mine,  which may or may not be shared by all, but it is a common minor annoyance, for me, when it is NOT done. Puddyls does it very consistently, in her posts.  

By "aftermath," I mean the dribbles and runs to be expected on thighs, legs, or bums, wet stockings, clothing, and dribbles, or puddles on objects, like toilet seats, urinals, furniture, vehicles, or the floor, or ground, resulting from the pissing action in the video. Most modern videos and pictures are very aware of this, and do not disappoint. But I have seen a substantial number, particularly older ones, where a delightfully messy pissing scene is followed by an immediate frame, in which the girl's vulva, thighs, bum, etc., have obviously been wiped clean and dry, as if she had never peed a drop! These are counter-intuitive, for a curious viewer, like me, who would love to see what parts of her anatomy, clothing, and surroundings got wet, which I admit is a personal kink. I hasten to add that I love those videos and pictures, which show her wiping those dribbles away!  So the aftermath is another element, making a great video, for me. It adds to the perception or illusion of reality.   Dr. P


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I really appreciate it when there's just a camera, a gorgeous model, and her pee. No weird music. No random dude instructing her how to pose. No camera shutter constantly taking photos while she's peeing. Just authentic pee fun with a gorgeous girl who loves to let us watch her take a leak.

Bonus if there's dirty talk too.

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