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Some of my naughty pees

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So, I've stopped uploading to my erome.com profile and started uploading to thisvid.com. I haven't uploaded all of the videos from my erome account yet, but I've uploaded some new videos there. Hope you all enjoy them!!




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Uploaded this vid last night. It's an old one of me walking around pissing in the dining room in a place I used to live. My "roommate" at the time was in the kitchen the whole time. If you watch with the volume up you can hear her making some noise. Then at the end she starts talking to me. 


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Just soaked my bed pad again...it was such a big pee!! I had been holding for quite some time, drinking coffee. The release was exquisite, and I left some big standing puddles on my pad. I captured it on video for a friend, but i was using my Messenger camera so i had to do it in 20 second bursts.


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