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I'm new and I Love watching women pee standing up, not for the nudes or the ''hottness of the girl'' i watch because i have a mega fetish for women who have learned/ mastered the skill of standing urination.

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Welcome I hope you are enjoying your time in this great community!  I totally agree with you that it is amazing seeing a woman pee standing.  Feel free to explore other aspects of your fetish though since this is a open space for all who come seeking knowledge about what turns them on.  Hint it's pee

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Welcome onboard.  I agree about it not being about the nudity.  For me, it is the sighting of girls peeing outside or in naughty places, but it doesn’t matter to me if I don’t see that much detail..  And yes, standing pee is another favourite.  

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Welcome! I reckon you will have fun looking through this site then. There is plenty of content you'll enjoy, including from some our our members. Enjoy! And if you need help, the staff are super friendly and helpful 

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Welcome!   If we had an award for the longest post title then I reckon you just won.  Joking aside though, a huge welcome.

There are an awful lot of people here with exactly the same and similar interests, welcome to a great community - hope you quickly find yourself at home.  Do shout up with any questions.

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