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1st time peeing on an unprotected matress

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In the past, I haven't intentionally wet my bed. But lately, when I get really horny, I have a strong desire to pee on my unprotected mattress. Yesterday and today I peed on it just a little, then wiped it up with a wet wash cloth. I know I'm going to piss on it again, maybe even let it get a little stained. It has a cover that I can remove and wash if necessary. I just can't help myself when it's so exciting to pee on my mattress.

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I only started peeing my bed last year. However, it was with a cover. Tried a few different types but settled on a fully enclosed vinyl cover. I love the puddling when you pee on a vinyl cover. When I moved in to my new place, I took off my cover off to moved and have not put it on yet. It has been 2 weeks and have peed into my bare matress several times, not enough to stain but definitely enough to get the matress wet but not soaked.  

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Since my  initial post, I peed on that Mattress several more times since. Last night I finally realized I soaked it a lot more than I  thought.  I had to put a towel down to sop up the remaining pee.Ended up sleeping on the towel just so I could get the bed dry. It is just about there, but I am going to have to soak it again.  This is so much better then using protection.


Just faintly starting to stain.. not obvious yet. Need a little more time and pissing

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