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Peeing on random cars

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Pissed on the door handle of a roommate's car one time. Other than that, not really, unless maybe I was drunk. Never found pissing on cars that interesting. (Women pissing inside them, though, that's another.)

I also did pee inside of a random car once.

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I once pissed on my car at night, just because I felt like it and the next day I had to realize that there were pee stains all over it, which was quite frustrating because then I had to clean everything up. 

I would maybe take in consideration peeing on a random car if there wouldn't be visible stains afterwards. But since I know that this won't be the case I don't think I'd ever do it ... unless it's an old abandoned car or something similar

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I used to do it going home from late nights out. On my way home I would stop to piss on random cars. I would save as much as I could and let the flow wash random cars. I found it exhilarating!

On another occasion I was "roaming" (just walking around leisurely) town and needed to go. This was next to one of the most visited pedestrian streets. I looked around and found there would be ample time for me to let the water go before anyone had the chance to pass by, so I went between two cars and let the flow out all over this random car. I was turned on by this public pee. As I was more than halfway done a woman which I hadn't noticed earlier walked by and saw me. She glimpsed at me and what I was doing. I confidently met her stare/look/gaze, but she unfortunately just passed on. Would have loved to do a little show for her. 😅

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I've written about it a few times, but my ex and I were guilty of doing this many, many times. Nothing personal against the cars or anything, but they just made such convenient cover. Sure the first few times were purely out of the combination of necessity and convenience, but after a while we both just found that there was something surreptitiously satisfying about picking a victim then emptying two bladders worth of piss against it.

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