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  1. I love seeing girls pissing on objects or where they are not supposed to. I also enjoy doing this myself. It's not so much ruining things, or making a bad day for those who have to clean up afterwards. It's just the rush of soaking things, being naughty, doing something slightly illegal. Even more so, the sight of girls being naughty, where they are supposed to be innocent and behave properly, and where they take the liberty to just be vulgar and piss (I chose "piss" instead of "pee") down and ruining stuff. For me, it's a big plus if they spray their pee all over, and not just empty eve
  2. @pop-a-squat Yes, we DO love your stories and pics of car peeing. They are very hot. Reading those stories of yours... you are a pee hero! As to experiences. Dont'n know if this one counts, but as I have a fetish for all things abandoned, I once (abroad) found an abandoned and unlocked car. I sneaked over (because this was not a very secluded place) opened the back door, and peed from the outside onto the car seat and floor. That turned me on. I even got out my camera and filmed everything, as I often do on my pee adventures. 😅 As I was finished and went back to my car, this f
  3. My favourite place is any abandoned house/building or man made structure/object and then to really soak it. That's my fetish. :)
  4. I used to do it going home from late nights out. On my way home I would stop to piss on random cars. I would save as much as I could and let the flow wash random cars. I found it exhilarating! On another occasion I was "roaming" (just walking around leisurely) town and needed to go. This was next to one of the most visited pedestrian streets. I looked around and found there would be ample time for me to let the water go before anyone had the chance to pass by, so I went between two cars and let the flow out all over this random car. I was turned on by this public pee. As I was more than h
  5. Very hot! What a sight, I can imagine. Thanks for sharing.
  6. To answer the topic: No, I have no experience with (peeing) escorts. On a side note, though: A am actively seeking a girl to pee for me as we speak. And it seems paying for services is the most likely option as of now. I would rather prefer a regular girl who needs extra cash over an escort. I imagine she would be a little less "professional" and give a sense of intimate atmosphere.
  7. WOW! That is simply amazing! I bow to thee. Would have been a marvellous pleasure to watch you go for so long. The only slight minus is that it went down the toilet. You should have spent it on *something*. 😈 But thanks for sharing!
  8. Lovely story by a lovely female. Dream woman. 😍 Thanks for the great illustration as well! 😅
  9. Thanks for sharing this little story in exquisite detail. Enjoyed it.
  10. Wow! That was incredibly hot! Would have loved to watched you go.
  11. Wow! Thanks for sharing. Very hot! I was particularly aroused by the part where you came so hard, again and again. And then after a while you got horny again. Very hot! And of course the pissing sessions. Thanks! 😍
  12. Very naughty and sexy of you to just pee all over. And I especially like the fact that you are a responsible professional with people under your command. That contrast makes it even hotter. A serious, professional side, and a very naughty side. 😉
  13. Good on you. Happy that you finally told her about it, and you found some sort of relief. After all, a healthy relationship is one where you share everything with your partner, and he/she at least accepts it. A sound relationship is not one where you are being judged or condemned. A great partner accepts and supports your choices and desired. I'm not saying he/she naturally endorses it and joins in on the fun, but your partner should at least know of your desires and not condemn you. I am happy that you found the courage to open up.
  14. Peeing on the wall. How naughty and sexy of you! 😍
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