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On 1/16/2021 at 7:23 AM, BlindListener said:


would you be willing to write about your birthday experience?


5 hours ago, Kevvvv said:

yea i will if u ask ill tell maybe not publicly

@Kevvvv - When you say 'I will if you ask' - is that what our friend @BlindListener just did?

As you've browsed around the site you've probably noticed lots of written content, in fact a whole section of Real Experiences topics and also lots of written accounts in the Men Peeing area too.  People write up their experiences in there and obviously they do it in a way which preserves their anonymity and security. They maybe don't mention their town, or their real names that sort of thing.  But they do share it for all to enjoy.

Sharing is the key word here - we're a community of members, with content created by the members and shared by the members for all to enjoy and be encouraged by.  Telling us  in a dozen words you're going to have a good time on your birthday is fine.  People would like to know how it worked out, what happened, how you enjoyed it and so on. People want to enjoy the moment with you.   And that's what these real experiences topic areas are there for...

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ok so it started off on friday she told me i wasnt allowed to do anything for myself until sunday.. so she unclothed me bathed me from head to toe tied me with this black rope with my hands behind my back. rimmed me and sucked my cock stopped in between and she atched the whole playoff game with her naked ass in my face after the game she rode me until i came inside her... made a shower and directed me to sit in it as i sat she could barely hold the pale yellow piss dripping from her lips and it bursted into an extermely strong braided stream.. i tasted a lil she washed me again and i ate her ass until she came from vibrating her clit

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