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The first time my boyfriend pissed in me

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Its a very iffy thing and only was able to get in her when we were hammered. Its def more exciting when she was not aware i was doing it to her letting me do it but it was more pleasurable getting to pee in her clit or she would pee on my penis cos if the warmth. Its always worth a shot though lol


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@foxypiss Oh wow okay that's interesting. We haven't been able for me to cum in my girlfriend since she stopped taking contraception so this might feel so good for her. I think she's got the same attitude as you have in your first post! Now to find that youporn profile... 

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On 10/23/2020 at 2:54 PM, foxypiss said:

So when I told my current boyfriend about my piss fetish and how I would love for him to piss in me, he agreed, i was so excited. Then the time came for the first time of him pissing in me, I asked him what his scale was (like to rate how bad he had to go) He said 6-7, i said okay, so i then went upstairs and grabbed some towels to lay down since my basement is carpet, we fucked for a while and then he started to slow down, lay on me, stopped thrusting, and just focused on peeing, as i could feel his dick throbbing and pumping out piss into me, I was so overjoyed and beyond happy, the warm feeling of his pee going into was honestly the best feeling ever, its better than cum in my opinion lol. 

I love it to, there's much more of it and it's a much more powerful stream than ejaculation.

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